10 Ways to Conquer Summer Style

10 Ways to Conquer Summer Style
Summer may seem near an end once again, but as far as we’re concerned there’s more than ten days left before we roll into autumn.
And as far as we’re concerned, that’s ten different days of new summer outfits to show off your style. Here’s a few quick combos we cooked up for you. Take advantage!

1. The simplicity

So you want to go out but look like you’d rather stay in. Easy. Wear , a and a pair of boat shoes and you’ll have everyone fooled.

2. Summer work

Keep those navy and black suits in the closet until winter. It’s summer, and the sun should shimmer off your suit as you stroll into work. Achieve summer stylish with a gray suit, white shirt and a slim black tie.

3. Jackets in the heat

Who says you can’t wear jackets in the summer? That’s right, everybody. Prove them all wrong and look good doing it on a rainy day with a lightweight softshell jacket and a crisp white shirt underneath.

4. In case it gets cold …

… go ahead and pair a lightweight long-sleeve with a classy pair of light-colored chinos. Perfect for a casual day at the office or a late summer night.

5. Spruce up your dress shirt game

Summer’s about letting loose a bit, even at work. Surprise all of your coworkers with a pink-on-pink look, with shirt and tie, one random Tuesday morning.

6. Sweater vest-top

A new word for a new look: take a sweatervest and drop the undershirt.

7. Make it loud

Now’s the time to break out that flashy patterned sport shirt you’ve always wanted to wear out. 

8. T-shirt game

It’s your favorite and it’s warm enough to not have to hide it under a jacket. Rock it and love it.

9. Breathe a little

And we’re talking to your ankles, here. Find yourself a pair of pants that show some skin as the weather turns hotter on your lunch breaks.

10. Go short and green

You can wear khaki shorts any day. You’ll stand out today with a white t-shirt and green shorts out at the beach.

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