How to choose a men’s tailor

How to choose a men’s tailor
At some point, usually around junior year of college, all men start to realize they need to look good to get and hold down a job. So, you start shopping around for clothes. You start reading blogs like this one. You find a place with a haircut you like, and you stick with that place.
And you should do the same thing with a tailor. Find one you trust and hitch yourself to that wagon.
Unfortunately, it’s not as easy finding a tailor for life as it is finding a hairstylist. After all, you’ve had thousands of haircuts. The world of tailoring is probably new to you. With that conundrum in mind let’s run down some handy tips that will help you find the tailor of your dreams.

Read Up

The first thing you should do is some basic background work. What do tailors offer? What kind of suits will you need for work anyway? Do you have weddings to plan for? You’ll need something for certain occasions.
Look up the differences in fabrics, suit fits and what kind of trousers you’ll want to pair with it. Nothing too deep of a dive, but enough that the rest of this process will be smoother.

Strike up a conversation

Yes, it’s like dating, if the person you were starting to see also might want to take more money from you than you really want to dole out.
Once you have your list of tailors, either give them a call or go in-person to talk with them for about 20 minutes. If they don’t want to give you that much time, then cross them off the list. A suit is an expensive purchase and your tailor should be willing to spend as much time as possible with you as you consider options.
And trust your senses. If you get the feeling they’re the salesman type, trying to push you to a more expensive option over and over then cross them off the list as well.
The bottom line as you’re meeting tailors: look for one with good communication skills who gives you the space to make your own choices but also brings his or her knowledge to the table as well.
Here are a few extra tips as you hunt for a tailor:
  • Your satisfaction matters. A good tailor won’t try to convince you you’ve found the right fit if you haven’t suggested that first.
  • Seek out examples of their work and pay attention to if their style tips mesh with the trends you’ve read up on. The simple truth is some tailors get comfortable with a style that’s dated. Be on the lookout. It doesn’t mean they’re right.
  • Be up front about availability with the tailor. Can they get you in for a fitting in a pinch?

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