Suits No Longer Mean Stuffy

When it comes to the modern suit, there's a certain stigma. A suit is just something you have to wear when your parents want you to look nice in church. A suit is something you have to spend a lot of money on to get that perfect fit. A suit is something you need in order to make a great first impression when you go to that job interview. In other words: a suit is either necessary, super serious, or annoyingly required. None of this is true! 

A suit is like anything else: with the right approach, and the right gameplan, you can look like a million bucks without — well, spending a million bucks. A great suit is different in that there are plenty of moving parts when it comes to looking good. The best way to approach the right look is to start from the bottom up. Unlike a shirt that can be worn beneath a jacket or the jacket that can be taken off, your slacks will be on you at all times.
Thanks to modern innovation, fabrics that were typical of slacks fit for a suit no longer feel rigid and uncomfortable. You’ll find plenty of different slacks that are as comfortable as your favourite shorts or tee: slim fit greys, comfort dress blue, and modern fit tobacco.        

The same is true of men’s dress shirts. In addition to being made with more flexibility in mind, many of the highest quality dress shirts are made with maximum functionality in mind. Feel like you have the personality to pull off a slim fit chambray? Do you like to keep it simple with the traditional tone of solid black?     

Ties are another item that get a bad rap. They feel like necessary evils: nice looking, but what’s so great about looking professional and not being able to breathe? Fortunately for you, plenty of manufacturers offer ties that look great (think silk paisley), and feel great (think polyester ombre).   

For more ways to keep the suit buying process fun, check out Tip Top.
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