Our #LookingTipTop campaign is back and better than ever. Our wardrobe experts once again took to the city streets to find 4 different guys, with 4 different backgrounds, and gave them a style overhaul. Throughout this season, we’ll be sharing their stories and passing along our tips and tricks to keep you #LookingTipTop.

Name: Michael
Age: 33
Occupation: Sports News Editor
Jacket: 44 Tall
Pant: 36 Waist

Meet Michael, a 33-year-old Sports News Editor who was looking for some advice on how to step up his game without compromising his on-the-go lifestyle. So we showed him how to suit up while complimenting his athletic build and how to stay looking fresh all day long.

Stand out for the way your suit fits. Not everyone is built like a male model, so for real guys like Michael, a suit that is sold separately – as in the jacket in one size and the pant in another, all in the same fabric – is a match made in heaven. Our Bellissimo suit separates are the way to go.


A modern fit is great for Michael's athletic frame. A roomier cut around the thigh with some added stretch in the fabric means he not only has ease of movement, but maximum comfort too.

G Grafton Suit Separates
jacket $210 shop now | pant $85 shop now


Step it up! Adding a tie and pocket square that play off the colour of your shirt shouts confidence. Plus, add a "cool guy" flair with a graphic lapel pin – in Micheal's case, showing his love for superheroes with the Superman emblem.

Name: Sean
Age: 28
Occupation: Financial Risk Analyst
Height: 5'11”
Jacket: 42 Reg
Pant: 32 Waist

Meet Sean, a 28-year-old who works in financial risk management. When it comes to style, he didn't need much help. Already rockin' trendy burgundy pants, he just needed some advice on dressing up his look. But in a sea of suits, how does one stand out?


There was a time when office dress codes meant a black suit – not anymore! Blue is the new black. We put Sean in our new G Grafton slim fit suit separate in indigo, perfect for helping him stand out from the crowd. Even better, this suit has all new stretch technology, meaning he'll be able to keep up with the tough demands of the workplace in comfort – sure to impress the boss!

G Grafton Suit Separates
jacket $210 shop now | pant $85 shop now


Accessorize Who knew the ankle is the new erogenous zone? Donning some funky socks is a quick way to jazz up any look. In Seans case, a flash of red stripes adds a fun pop of colour.

Name: Nicholas
Age: 34
Occupation: Graduate Student Recruiter
Height: 6'
Jacket: 40 Regular

Meet Nicholas, a 34-year-old graduate student recruiter. When we met him, he was wearing some older pieces that had seen better days. So it was out with the old and in with the new! Our latest Daniel Hechter Paris casual collection is the perfect fit for a smart-casual office.

We ran into Nicholas wearing a "vintage" bomber – formerly his granddad's – and dress pants that were ready to retire. It was definitely time for a style upgrade.


We replaced Nicholas' bomber jacket with our new Daniel Hechter Paris knit, unstructured, cardigan – which works extra hard with casual pants. This versatile, lightweight cardigan-jacket hybrid dresses up the most casual pants with style and comfort.

Daniel Hechter Paris Cardigan
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Nicholas doesn't need to wear dress shoes at work, so we paired his look with a city slip on sneaker – no socks required.


Being that Nicholas works in a smart casual environment, most days he can have a bit more fun with his look. This bright patterned sport shirt is a sure way stand out.

Name: Christos
Age: 25
Occupation: Lawyer
Height: 6'1”
Jacket: 40 Tall
Pant: 32 Waist

Meet Christos, a 25-year-old who just got his first job as a lawyer in the big city. He needed some help to keep his professional look from being too stuffy. His confidence comes easy thanks to the perfect fit of our new G Grafton line.

Congratulations Christos on your new career path – your start-up suit has arrived. When you're 25, you may think the whole suit and tie look is stuffy and impractical for your on-the-go lifestyle, but our newest line, G Grafton, was made with guys like Christos in mind.


G Grafton's new and improved slim fit suit separates features technology-driven fabric that's party proofed for spillage (on-boarding office party anyone?) and has stretch infused wool to give you that extra mileage with easy comfort.

G Grafton Suit Separates
jacket $210 shop now | pant $85 shop now


Working in a law office doesn't mean Christos can't have some fun with his look.
Sock it to'em – show off your playful side with socks that stand out!