Perfect Winter Accessories to Complement Your Style

Just because the cold winds rise doesn’t mean you have to freeze your sense of style. When winter comes, our first priority is to keep warm. But keeping warm doesn’t have to mean surrendering your personality to everything you wear. Like a superhero’s cape or cowl, accessories are the best way to put a stamp on your personal brand, whether for formal occasions, a night out, or just hanging out around the fire in the backyard.


Let’s start with a fun science lesson. According to scientists at the University of Tokyo, winter scarves for men (and women) are critical (my words, not theirs) to preventing a cold. This is because the common cold virus more effectively infects us when we inhale cold air. A scarf, therefore, keeps the cold air away from our sinuses where we’re more vulnerable.
But that’s not the only reason to wear a scarf. A stylish scarf can let you stand out in the crowd, like this blue, bold-striped scarf from Belissimo. If blue isn’t your colour, Belissimo offers a beautiful burgundy version of their bold-striped scarf that is 100 per cent acrylic, and 100 per cent comfortable for you.


You probably don’t need a lesson in science to know what makes men’s gloves critical for staying warm, so let’s focus on style. Choosing gloves can depend on a number of different factors: what you do for a living, where you like to hang out, etc. As such, consider your lifestyle when choosing what you want to cover your hands. If you like lambskin leather, these black Sherpa gloves will be perfect for the winter experience. Is dexterity more important to you, but you’re not looking to sacrifice fit and style? These blue, 100 per cent acrylic fingerless mittens are perfect for you.

Warm Winter Hats for Men

Don’t lose your head trying to pick the right hat for harsh winds. For those who appreciate the traditional look no matter the weather, embrace the personality of this polyester blend, Herringbone newspaper hat. For something more modern, reliable, and stylish, this charcoal acrylic toque will be an instant staple for every occasion.
No matter what accessory you need, there’s no shortage of options at Tip Top Tailors.
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