Stay Warm in Winter with These Perfect Combinations

It’s hard to get the most out of a hockey game without the puck. It’s difficult to enjoy the savoury punch of crispy potato skins without the gravy. Staying warm in Canada right now is no different: when it comes to filling broad needs, you’re best served by a combination of things.
Using a combination of things to stay warm is true in a scientific sense as well. In fact, many clothes — especially winter clothes — are designed precisely to ensure your body’s well-being. Polyester, for example, isn’t just a material that designers randomly choose because it looks good. Polyester also has the ability to absorb sweat away from your skin. Jackets will often have vents not because it’s what all the cool kids are wearing, but because vents can allow sweat to evaporate. And that brings us to the combos that work best to keep you warm in the winter. First...

Warm the Base

One of the keys to staying warm is making sure you’re fit with the right layers. Everything starts at the base. Looking for a classic colour? Stay warm with a navy, knit quarter-zip sweater. Layer it over a cotton basic crew neck tee if you’re naturally warm-blooded or a slim fit sport shirt if you like looking fashionable at every level.

Warm the Middle

You can’t keep cozy without making sure the bulk of your body is covered in the perfect protective layer. That’s why you need the perfect men’s winter jacket. Why sacrifice style for warmth when you can easily have both? This black, polyester moto style jacket is perfect for braving the elements. So is this reversible packable bomber jacket.

Protect the Outer

No matter how great your jacket is, you can’t keep fully warm without making sure every inch is protected from the elements. Keep your fingers covered with something sleek, like deerskin leather gloves. Keep your head sheltered with some great men’s winter hats, like this classically-designed plaid trapper hat. And make sure your neck gets the same insulation with this classic red tartan scarf.
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