Look Great with a Resolution to Feel Great for the New Year

When it comes to ringing in the new year, we like to fancy ourselves like the Phoenix: reborn and rejuvenated. But we’re so bad at reinventing ourselves that psychologists have a name for not sticking to our resolutions: delusional development. The good news is that looking great for the new year is a lot easier than trying to figure out how to make the Olympic team.

Out With the Old

Before deciding on a new style of holiday men’s suits, consider making tweaks to your current style rather than adopting something entirely new. First thing’s first: how many suits have reached their expiration date? That depends on a lot of things.
Ask yourself any of the following questions: are any of your current suits tailored, or did you buy them years ago? Is the suit classically styled? How many times have you worn it? Have you lost or gained weight since you last bought a suit? Did you ever make the mistake of playing a game of basketball in it? Et cetera.

In with the New

There’s a good chance you need a new suit to fit the new you. Especially for those who stayed true to their new year’s resolution of getting fit to select the right fit. When you want to stand out during those holiday gatherings, pick the right suit by starting with the right dress shirt. If royal blue is your colour, you can’t go wrong with this non-iron sateen dress shirt. These slim fits come in teal as well.
Once you find your shirt, hit all the right notes with the right suit. If lighter colours work for you, it’d be hard not to command attention with this slim fit pastel suit. Maybe a less-is-more style works for your body type; something this grey window nested suit offers you in spades. If you’re naturally vibrant, and you want vibrant colours, accept no substitutes with this rum-coloured polyester slim fit.

Finish off your new look with the right tie. Whether you want a smooth silk stripe design, a more formal but sleek check look, the vibrance of purple paisley, or the classic look of this silver plaid — make sure you have a great look when it comes to accessories to complement the great fit if your suit and shirt.
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