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Belts & Suspenders


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Belts & Suspenders | Tip Top - Elevate Your Style with Top-Quality Men's Belts and Suspenders

Welcome to the exclusive collection of men's belts and suspenders at Tip Top. Here, you'll discover the perfect blend of functionality and fashion. Our belts and suspenders aren't just accessories; they are the epitome of style and quality, designed to complement every outfit.

Find the Ideal Belt for Every Occasion

Our extensive range of belts for men is crafted to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. From the classic brown leather belt to the sleek black leather belt, each piece is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our selection includes versatile options like the braided stretch belt and the Italian-inspired leather belt, perfect for casual and formal settings alike.

Embrace sophistication with our timeless plaque buckle reversible belts, or add a pop of color with our range of color options. Our belts, designed for all belt loops, ensure that you always step out in style. The prices reflect the quality of our products, offering you the best value.

Suspenders: The Staple of Classic Elegance

The suspenders available at Tip Top Tailors are versatile accessories that transcend time, blending classic elegance with modern style. These suspenders come in various sizes and fabrics, catering to every shoulder and body shape. Whether you're looking for casual suspenders for everyday wear or a perfect suspender for a special event, the options are endless.

Our selection of suspenders features a diverse array of styles and colors, ensuring that you'll find the ideal accessory for any outfit and occasion:

Each of these products is designed with quality in mind, providing a comfortable fit and enduring style. With a range of prices, you can choose the perfect suspenders for any event or occasion.

Visit Tip Top Tailors - Belts & Suspenders to explore the full collection.

Discover the Unmatched Quality of Our Leather Belts

Our leather belts are a cornerstone of our collection. From the smooth leather belts to the wider leather options, each belt is a representation of our dedication to quality and design. Our favorite belts, including the sleek leather belt and dress belts, cater to every preference, making them an ideal choice for the fashion-conscious man.

Explore our range of leather belts: 
  • G Grafton's Stretch Belt: This belt combines comfort with style, offering a flexible fit while maintaining a polished look, perfect for those who value both form and function in their accessories.
  • Bellissimo's Polished Inset Ratchet Belt: A sleek and modern choice, this belt features a refined ratchet design with a polished finish that adds an upscale touch to any ensemble.
  • Tip Top's Reversible Buckle Belt: Versatility at its finest, this belt offers two stylish options in one, with a reversible buckle mechanism that allows for a quick switch from one color to another to match any outfit.
  • Hechter Paris's Plaque Belt: Exuding elegance, this belt boasts a chic plaque buckle that lends a sophisticated European flair to both casual and business attire.
  • Bellissimo's Tubular Ratchet Belt: With its unique tubular design and convenient ratchet system, this belt provides a contemporary and precise fit for the modern man.

Each of these men’s belts is crafted to offer a blend of style, durability, and adaptability, ensuring that you have the perfect leather accessory for any occasion.

Elevate Your Style with Top-Quality Men's Belts and Suspenders

The Art of Matching Men's Belts and Suspenders with Your Outfit

Expertly Pairing Belts for Every Outfit

Our Italian-style belts and quality leather selections are versatile for all occasions. Match a brown belt with dark dress pants for a classic look, or pair a sleek belt with plaque buckle with lighter fabrics for a modern twist. Our belts, available in various sizes and colors, are designed to complement any wardrobe, enhancing both formal and business casual styles.

Styling with Suspenders for Every Occasion

Choose classic leather suspenders for a traditional, elegant look, or modern elastic suspenders for a more relaxed style. Dressy suspenders in neutral colors are perfect for formal events, while colorful, casual options add a pop to everyday outfits. Clip suspenders provide ease and comfort, making them a practical yet stylish choice.

Learn More About Belts For Men & Suspenders

What are the shipping options for men's belts and suspenders at Tip Top? 

At Tip Top, we offer various shipping methods to ensure your belts and suspenders reach you conveniently. Standard shipping options are available at checkout, with details and timeframes clearly outlined on our website. Don’t hesitate to visit our Track Your Order page for more information on one of your purchases.

How do I choose the right size and fit for men's belts and suspenders from Tip Top? 

To ensure the perfect fit, our website provides a detailed size guide for belts and suspenders. Our selection of leather belts comes in various sizes, and the fit can be adjusted using the belt buckles. Go to Fit Finder or even check the Size Guide section on individual product pages for specific sizing information.

What is the price range for quality leather belts and suspenders at Tip Top? 

Tip Top offers a wide selection of leather belts and suspenders at various price points to suit different budgets. Our products are priced competitively, ensuring you get both quality and value. For specific pricing, browse our collection on the Belts & Suspenders page.

What are some of the product brands that offer belts & suspenders at Tip Top?

At Tip Top, the belts and suspenders collection features products from notable brands including Hechter Paris, G Grafton, Tip Top, and Bellissimo. Each brand brings its unique style and quality to the assortment:

Hechter Paris

Founded in 1962, Hechter Paris is a pioneer in bringing affordable luxury to the high street. The brand is known for its original, modern designs and premium quality, reflecting French fashion and Parisian chic. It offers a variety of accessories that embody sophisticated, urban style, appealing to those who expect their clothes to reflect their lifestyle​​​​​​.

G Grafton 

This brand is recognized for its contemporary and sophisticated men's fashion. G Grafton's belts and suspenders are likely to reflect this modern aesthetic, offering sleek and stylish accessories suitable for various occasions.

Tip Top

As the retail brand itself, Tip Top offers a range of men's accessories including belts and suspenders. Our products are designed to cater to a variety of tastes and needs, often featuring practical, stylish, and versatile designs that align with current trends.


Bellissimo is known for its elegant and affordable men's accessories. Their belts and suspenders are likely to offer a mix of classic and modern designs, made with quality materials, suitable for both casual and formal wear.

Each of these brands contributes to a diverse and high-quality selection of belts and suspenders at Tip Top, ensuring that customers can find the perfect accessory to complement their outfits. For more details on these brands and their products, you can visit the Tip Top Belts & Suspenders page.