The Right Sweater for the Cold Weather

When it comes to sweater weather, the colder it gets, the more layers you put on. When the cold winds rise, it’s best to approach your look like it’s a matching game. What sweater goes best with what jacket? What sweater goes best with what pair of shoes? Embrace the options you have. Get creative.

Deciding on the Perfect Sweater

The perfect tailored men’s sweater is a little like the perfect car: you may not always use it, but it’s nice to have when you need it. And like a car, there are many sizes and styles that suit you better than others. G Grafton offers a cotton novelty-knit black cardigan that is perfect for those who are active, and want to look dashing. If you want all-day comfort, this 100 per cent cotton navy half-zip sweater would be a good fit. For those who want a more subdued look to enhance their best features, this wool blend soft-spun turtleneck sweater is perfect for business or casual.

Mixing, Matching, and Magnificent

Winter sweaters for men work best with accessories the same way fries work with gravy. If you want a traditional look, there’s no substitute for Belissimo’s dark charcoal plaid newspaper hat. The polyester and wool work great to keep you warm, and you’ll have old school style without looking out-of-touch. Belissimo offers another oldie-but-goodie for when you’re trying to stay warm: this polyester charcoal plaid trapper hat.
There’s no shortage of beautiful scarves to match your sweater. For those who want more traditional tones in their attire, the grey ombre striped scarf is a classy acrylic touch to support the rest of your outerwear. For those who enjoy a more vibrant way of protecting yourself from the elements, this classic red tartan scarf will be your crimson shield.

As the Canadian elements force you into a cotton or polyester fortress, make the right choices to stay warm, yet dapper. Tip Top Tailors offers one of the best collections of dazzling garb against the freezing weather.
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