Don’t Drop Your Style for the Winter Blues

Winter’s usually tougher than the summer when it comes to style. In the summer, you can wear less clothes, dress more casually, and you don’t have to worry about whether the pipes in your house will freeze. It’s also nice to know that your car doesn’t have trouble starting in the summer. Winter changes everything, which can make it a drag for some people. And that’s especially true of fashion: where the cooler weather means staying warm rather than looking cool.
However, the winter blues don’t need to get you down as long as you don’t let them. If you find the right sweater, or the right jacket, suddenly you’re actually looking forward to doing the things you love, like going out with friends for a few laughs. Picking the right winter fit is about keeping the weather from forcing you stay inside. How so? Let us count the ways.

The Right Sweaters

Picking the right men’s winter sweater should be an adventure. Sweaters can keep you warm in and outside, in formal or casual scenarios. You want a sweater that’s versatile, yet suitable for your style. Zip-up sweaters are great for maximum functionality. This acrylic blend zip-up from Jones New York is perfect for keeping you warm and cozy no matter where you are. Sometimes the right sweater is all about the indoor feel and look. Under those terms, this v-neck sweater is perfect, with its cotton mix and traditional tones.
If you’re looking for a design that suits your personality, but still keeps you warm, Daniel Hechter Paris has you covered (and comfortable) with this wool blend, quarter-zip sweater.

The Right Jackets

Where sweaters are great for the cold when you’re indoors, you’ll need something for outdoors when the temperature dips well below zero.. Anything that’s water-resistant is ideal for snow, and Daniel Hechter Paris’ jackets for men are perfect for the season: like this 100 per cent polyester Parka, with a fleece inner lining to keep you warm.
Clothes are no different than computers: innovation happens all the time. When the winter brings a piercing chill, look for jackets with good wind protection, like this charcoal-coloured wool blend that will keep the temperature from making you feel uncomfortable. Of course, just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean you have to drop your style. This gorgeous vegan leather jacket from Daniel Hechter Paris is a smooth brown, polyurethane water-resistant fit that’s as durable as it is dressy.
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