Look Great for Those Winter Weddings

When the weather changes, so do plenty of other things: what we eat, drink, where we hang out, and even our moods. For some people, winter is a good time to say ‘I do’ to their significant other, and plan accordingly. However, just because the bride and groom have to look their best doesn’t mean everyone involved gets to sandbag.
Whether you’re the best man, or just a friend hanging out for moral support, ‘pictures’ is the word of the day. And the men and women of honour can only look as good as the people around them. When it comes to that winter wedding, make it extra special by finding that special look.
There’s a good chance you’ll have your picture taken, and there’s a good chance that picture will be the topic of discussion years later when everyone has fun reliving the fond memories.

The Right Suit

Picking the right suit is a lot like picking the right car: you don’t get to buy that many, so when you do, make sure it’s perfect, picturesque, and proper. For those that appreciate traditional colours with a modern fit, this black, wool modern fit menswear suit should look and sound ideal. Most weddings have something of a dress code. Need some lighter tones? Daniel Hechter Paris has the right fit for you with this blue, wool blend modern fit suit.
Finding the right suit is as much about fit as it is style. Some of us look better when there’s a little bit more going on in terms of design. Stylish men’s suits come in all varieties, which is what makes this next one ideal: this stretch wool grid check suit by Calvin Klein.
If you’re looking to expand your colour palette for something more winter appropriate, here’s another all star: 100 per cent natural stretch wool, this glen check suit (also from Calvin Klein) showcases a classic design supported by a comfortable fit.
Not every wedding is the same. Some weddings will mix casual and formal. Stand out in the crowd with this beautiful, rum slim fit suit from G Grafton. For more tip top suits, check out the full online catalogue at Tip Top Tailors.
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