Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Wedding Outfit

With a handful of weddings behind you, you may find yourself looking like a scene from Groundhog Day - a never ending cycle of the same outfit on repeat. We’re here to help you add a dash of fresca to your next wedding.

And we get it - your bank account is looking a little limp from all the wedding gifts. These outfit refreshers won’t exhaust your wallet or break the bank, while using your pre-existing wardrobe as the backbone.

Come to think of it, we wish we wrote this article sooner. It would have saved our staff a ton of money.

Simplest Wedding Outfit Refresher: Tie and Pocket Square

This is a no-brainer. You would have worn a tie anyway, so why not just get a new tie to add to the mood of the wedding.

Consider the venue and the season to dictate the colour or pattern that you decide on. If the wedding is more formal or during a colder month, consider darker tones, in more robust materials like wool. If it’s a casual dress code, try lighter colours and silks - maybe even a pattern if you dare!

Try matching your tie with a pocket square to make a statement and stand out.

Boldest Wedding Outfit Refresher: Patterned Shirt

If you’re attending a wedding with a casual or cocktail attire dress code, the patterned shirt is an easy way to make an entrance. Instead of having to overhaul your whole outfit, it’s always easier to just change one thing.

At casual weddings, ties tend to be optional. And conflicting ties with patterned shirts happens way too often. Try foregoing the tie all together and wear your new floral dress shirt with your suit. Add a pocket square that matches with ONE of the colours on the pattern - do not try and match all the colours or you’ll end up looking like Polka-roo.

Most Versatile Wedding Outfit Refresher: Sport Jacket

If you’re looking for a way to stretch your dollar, the sport jacket is essential. It’s not the cheapest item on the list (it is a jacket), but it does give you the versatility to wear it in everyday life circumstances.

Sport jackets do not have matching pants and can be worn in combination with chinos or jeans. This gives you flexibility to wear it at the office, on dates, or at casual weddings.

The way to make a nearly everyday item look great is to make sure that it is well-tailored. That’s why we handle all our tailoring in-house - to make sure that you look and feel your best.

Most Fun Wedding Outfit Refresher: Vest

If your name is used interchangeably with “the fun one”, you can be confident in wearing a vest in lieu of a suit jacket. To add even more flair to your ‘fit, most vests have a contrasting silky material on the back, to help with flexibility and breathability.

That way you can bust-a-move during the reception like you normally would.

Shiniest Wedding Outfit Refresher: Jewelry

Now don’t freak out too much, we don’t mean super-blinged-out chains. As much as we’d love to say that we could step out with an asteroid around our neck, it’s impractical and annoying while taking pictures. Can you imagine the nuisance the flash reflection would create for the photographer?

What we mean is bracelets, tie bars, cufflinks, and watches. Not as attention-grabbing as a “big-ass chain”, these simple accessories will give you just enough shine to be the life of your table, even if you’re still wondering why your cousin put you with the aunties...

If this is your first foray into adding a touch of bling to your wedding attire, you’re in luck - it’s not complicated. Our personal favourites are understated classics like tie bars that serve a functional purpose, while adding pop to your outfit. You’ll earn yourself an extra glass of wine if you match your tie bar with your watch.

The Best Wedding Outfit Refreshers

While we know that weddings are a fun time for everyone - the union of lovers, seeing old friends and family, a good excuse to get dressed up - making sure that you’re comfy and confident is the most important thing.

Whatever refresher you choose to execute for your next wedding attire, just remember that it’s your time to have fun, let loose, and celebrate true love. It’s not all about you, but you can still make your outfit memorable.

If you have questions about wedding outfits, or finding the right pieces to complete your next look, swing by one of our locations. We’ll be more than happy to help you out!
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