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We get it. You want something more casual. Why should you switch up your style just for a single prom night? The people that devised this tradition were from the 1800s - explains why everyone feels so out of place wearing boxy sloppy suits.

Back then, prom was one of the few co-ed events that the would-be graduates could attend. Which means for the rest of the year, guys and girls rarely intermingled. Talk about antiquated…

Good thing we live in a modern time where we can actually hang out with whomever, whenever we want. This also means that we don’t have to adhere to played out, fashion faux pas.

And don’t take Uncle Rick’s advice - he hasn’t updated his style since the 70s. He still thinks bell bottom suits in a chocolate pudding brown colour is a good look. Not everyone is Anderson.Paak at LACMA.

If you find yourself being more streetwear than formal wear, don’t worry, you can rock a casual ‘fit that won’t break the bank. Have you seen how much proms cost?!

  1. Casual Suit Variations

Even if you thought that you didn’t want to wear a suit, a simple variation may be all you need to spruce up the look.

Take this no-tie look from A$AP Rocky. He consistently rocks this dressy staple because it looks good, it’s comfortable, and easy to pull off. Even if you swap the shirt out for a bit more colour, throw on some jewelry for subtle shine. Just make sure that your shirt is tailored and properly sized.

If you’re getting your Paris on, slip into a turtleneck and wear it with your suit. This look is classic European styling and has been worn by everyone from LeBron to Drake. It’s smart, refined, and doesn’t require that much effort - exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Mix-n-Match Prom: Sport Jacket

Okay, we can’t completely drop a load on Paak’s suit choice. He opted for a mismatched sport jacket and complementary pants that look great together. It just feels a bit costume-y.

If this is your vibe, take a note from his Gucci suit and go for a patterned sport jacket. Then create a solid base with your shirt and pants. A bright pocket square is another great touch to keep your jacket as the focal point.

Check out our bold plaid and herringbone sport jackets. And ditch the tie - you’re calm, cool, and unrestricted tonight.

And in case you’re wondering, yes they were used for sports back in the day. From prom to sports, things have changed so much. Thank goodness.

If you need help finding the right size for you - or maybe you’re in-between sizes - swing by your nearest Tip Top. We’ll measure you and make any adjustments you need!

  1. Prom without Sleeves: Suit Vest / Waistcoat

If you’re not feeling the suit thing but you still want to look coordinated, try a matching suit vest set. Sometimes called a waistcoat, vest suits have a familiar look but without the uptight vibe.

And that’s not to mean you can’t wear a vest on the red carpet or in pics! Ryan Reynolds is the ultimate king of casual. Check out his vested look at the Detective Pikachu premiere. A matching plaid vest and pants really bossed up a mild kids movie.

Take a look at the vest sets that we carry at Tip Top. When tailored appropriately to your specs, it’s the perfect fitting look without the weight of a jacket.

Good thing prom happens in Spring. Embrace the warm weather!

  1. Built Different: Contemporary Casual Prom Suits

If you have an itch to try something different, make like A$AP Ferg and try an alternative suit style. Here he is in a yellow Harrington suit, complete with a crisp white button-up. No need for bright diamonds around his neck - he’s letting the clothing do the talking.

Timothee Chalamet also pulled off this clean look. The Dune star strolled the Oscar red carpet in this zip-up style suit, but this time in navy. Again, a clean white shirt with minimal accessories. This is a style trend that’s simple but gives you everything.

While on the note of affordable prices, if you scoop up a suit set, get a shirt and tie for $20.23!

Casual Prom Outfits at Tip Top

Don’t be a casualty this prom season. Come correct with the right outfit that shows off your personality and taste.

If you’re looking for the right way to celebrate prom, this is it!

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