How to Wear an Ascot

Mastering a sophisticated style requires personality, effort and the right accessories. When you think of accessories, sunglasses and jewelry usually come to mind. The truth is, neither of those accessories hold the same air of sophistication as an ascot. Here's the deal about ascots and how to wear them.

The History of Ascots

The ascot derives from the Ascot Races held in England. Since April of 1771, ascot races have been held annually. This fancy neckwear piece isn’t quite a necktie or a bowtie, but an acceptable combination of the two. The ascot made its debut at the Ascot Heath, an English racetrack with a strict dress code of morning dress, which pairs perfectly with the tie.

Ascots in Their Entirety

Ascots are considered cravats. A cravat is usually made of cloth material you tie around your neck. Cravats provide their wearer an opportunity to display their own unique sense of style. It’s worth noting that bow ties, ascots, neckties similar articles of clothing fall under the umbrella of cravat.
There are two types of ascots: the formal and the day ascot. Formal ascots aren't worn as much as day ascots. The day ascot has a more relaxed tone to it, making it excellent to wear with casual attire.

Tips for Wearing Ascots

Choose the Material Wisely

Woven ascots are lovely to look at, but they aren't the most ideal for wearing. Ascots have to be worn a certain way, and you'll pull at its threads. Tugging at loose threads will make this accessory lose its shape.

Pairing it Up

Wearing an ascot with a collared shirt or a blazer is ideal for obtaining a sophisticated look. If you're wearing a collared shirt, leave one to three buttons open at the top. You can show off every detail your new cravat has and reveal how well it co-exists with your entire attire.

Making Bold Statements

If you're a fan of bold colors and patterns, you'll have to make a few decisions when it comes to wearing an ascot. If your ascot is a bold color or has a pattern, your shirt and suit don't need to be show-stoppers too. Let your ascot command attention while your shirt and suit support its bold colors and designs. If you are using your shirt and suit to make a bold statement, keep your ascot subtle.

Mixing and Matching

If you're looking to obtain a "wow factor" with your attire, find a pocket square that matches the ascot. Paying such attention to minute detail is a sure way to impress passers-by.

Tie the Ascot Correctly

You want attention, but not for the wrong reasons. When tying an ascot, make sure one end of the ascot is slightly longer than the other, as you would if you were tying a tie. Take the longer end of the ascot and cross it over the shorter end. Loop it in an upward direction, then adjust it.
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