The Perfect Prints for Winter

No matter how cold it gets outside, eventually you’ll find yourself in a spot warm enough to wear your favourite shirt. When that happens, you don’t just want a great look; you want a great fit. That’s where the modern printed shirt comes in.

Casual Print Perfection

If red is your colour, this modern fit 100 per cent plaid sport shirt is the perfect fit with the holidays around the corner. However, not everyone feels like they look their best in traditional colours. Some people want their personality to shine as much as their smile. For those, the cotton burgundy modern fit non-iron floral print shirt is perfect. For those who want a little more colour with an equal amount of style and fit, G Grafton offers this slim, multi print sport shirt.

Formal Print Perfection

Every sport shirt needs to suit the occasion; especially during the cold holidays. When it’s cold, and you don’t need your jacket at work, don’t get caught with a jacket that doesn’t match what’s underneath. This slim fit stretch denim sport shirt is the warm cotton you’ll look good wearing all day. For the lighter colours, DH Paris has a modern fit non-iron dot print sport shirt that blends fit and style into pure cotton perfection.
Even though most of us try to stay indoors during the winter, you’ll still need to go outside every now and then unfortunately. You can’t go wrong with this plaid red print; perfect for when you’re in your social element as you brave the elements.

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