Wearing A Scarf With A Suit

With the fall upon us and winter fast approaching, it's time to re-evaluate. A great way to transition your favourite suits into the colder seasons is to pair them with a scarf. Complete the cold season look with a coat, and you have a layered, multi-faceted outfit. Canadian menswear retailers, such as Tip Top, understand that although the cold season can be harsh and lengthy, it shouldn't impact your style. Scarves are the perfect winter accessory that men need to take advantage of them more.

Don't Be Afraid … of Colors & Patterns

Scarves are both fashionable and practical. They keep your neck stylish and warm throughout the season. In general, men's scarves can be a tad less imaginative than women's scarves. However, don't limit your options or be afraid to try something daring. Spice up your scarf choices by going with a bold colour. Choose a colour to complement the details of a blazer you’ve already got in your wardrobe. On the other hand, feel free to choose a plaid scarf or geometric patterns. It's little details like these that make your entire outfit feel upgraded with just the addition of a scarf!

A Quality Scarf Goes a Long Way

Although it's common to see men in lighter scarves, a heavier scarf can add an element of luxury to a winter ensemble. Suits should be treated as luxury items. Thus, you want your scarf choice to match its caliber. Purchase a heavy knit scarf that's stylish, its quality materials and warmth will prove to be a quality investment for years to come.

Simple Scarf Knots: A How-To

For many men, it can be a little confusing figuring out how to wear their scarves. Most will default to the classic drape, where the scarf hangs parallel across each side of your body. However, this method doesn't keep your neck warm and is less creative than others. Instead, try these scarf knots that are incredibly easy to pull off:

The Wrap Around

The wrap-around look is the same as the classic drape but with a circular loop around your neck. To tie it, position the scarf so it hangs evenly on each side. Then take one side of the scarf and loop it around your neck once. Adjust the scarf ends so they're still even on both sides, and you're all done.

The Shoulder Toss

You’ll likely read this knot’s name and immediately understand how to pull it off. Take one end of your scarf and throw it over the opposite shoulder. You now have half your scarf stylishly draped on your front and half on the back.

A Few Scarf Tips

Before you purchase your first scarf, here are some tips you should keep in mind:
  • Avoid scarves with tassels or those that require scarf pins as these can come off as being tacky.
  • A patterned scarf can be slightly more challenging to pair with a suit. If you're choosing this route, ensure your suit doesn't have patterning on it, otherwise, the whole outfit may clash.
  • Choose neutral tones for scarves you plan to wear in a professional setting. Grey scarves are flattering and versatile. On the other hand, jet black or stark white scarves can be difficult to pair with multiple outfits.

Tip Top

Tip Top is a Canadian menswear retailer specializing in formal wear. As the weather continues to get colder, don't leave your neck exposed. Elevate your wardrobe with scarves from Tip Top that make your old suits feel like a new outfit again.
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