4 Style Tips to Conquer Summer

It’s finally here! The sun is beaming, plans with the crew are made, and you’re starting to think about your summer outfits. Show off those arms!

The summer has always been a period of celebration. Summer Solstice used to be a day of ritual and party in ancient times as it marked the longest day of the year.

And very little has changed. We’re still honouring the extra hours of sunlight by hitting up patios, firing up the BBQ, playing beach volleyball, and heading to the cottage - among many other warm-weather activities.

We chase the sun to forget about the cold, dark memories of the evil one known as “Double Dog Dare Ya” Winter. We’d trade in flashbacks of blizzards and cars stuck in snow banks for patio cocktails any day.

It’s time to make some new sunshine filled memories.

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.”
- Henry David Thoreau, American Writer -

As the temps rise, your summer wardrobe will need to match - or you tempt becoming a sweat puddle of a man.

And at the Tip Top HQ in Toronto, we can’t ignore the humidity, as much as we may try. Someone pass us an iced coffee!

Join us as we give you a couple tips and tricks to keep you looking sharp in 25+ degree weather.

Summer Style Tip 1: Fresh Fabrics

As in all menswear, materials are a crucial consideration - your summer wardrobe is no different.

Summer clothing needs to be breathable, cool, and comfortable! This is especially important if you’re heading to the beach.

As a reminder, the hottest day in Canada was 47.5 degrees celsius. And unfortunately, you won’t be able to attend all your meetings from a swimming pool.

So what does someone that wants to look and feel fresh do? Dress the way your dapper self usually does but in lighter materials. Even some sport jackets are summer-ready.

There are a ton of great natural and synthetic summer options that will carry you into the fall.

Linen - made from flax, this is the ultimate natural summer material. Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, it’s renowned for its cooling factor. The downside: it gets wrinkly fast! You gotta make sure you take good care of anything you own that’s linen.

Chambray - made from cotton, consider this to be the lightweight cousin of denim. You’ll get the same great look but without the bulk. Try a chambray shirt instead of a denim jacket the next time you want to pull off a Canadian Tux.

Polyester - Think of polyester like silk - without the costly bill. They share 2 distinct properties - breathability and sweat wicking.

It does have the misconception of being overly shiny, but find the right cotton/polyester blend and it’ll become your favourite outfit!

If you need to wear a suit and tie to work, check out our guide to staying cool in the office.

Summer Style Tip 2: Pant Cuffing Season

Let those ankles see some sun! Show off some skin before you need to shove your feet back into a pair of winter boots.

Rolling the cuff on your favourite pair of pants adds a nice trendy touch to your outfit, while also ventilating your ankles and feet. Consider this to be like the MacGyver of fashion - it does way more than you think it does.

We recommend rolling about 3-4 inches above your shoe - just don’t forget to moisturize!

This style looks especially good with lower cut footwear like boat shoes and loafers. Or even Birkenstocks and sneakers for your day off.

Our choice of pants for your summer outfit? Chinos. You can find them in various styles, and we love them in lightweight varieties. They will instantly replace your favourite denim.

“Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.”
- The Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith), Summertime -

Summer Style Tip 3: Colour

The warmer weather is the perfect time to pull out the bright and bold tones of the colour spectrum. Pinks and yellows are natural summer colours while lighter shades of greens and blues, especially pastels, make for the perfect outfit refresh.

Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to deviate too far off of what you usually wear. Simply changing to brighter colours gives you an extra pop to make a lasting impression.

Plus, lighter colours reflect the sun's rays and heat away from your body; dark colours absorb them. This means that if you opt for darker tones, you’ll be holding the heat closer to your skin longer.

Summer Style Tip 4: Simplicity

Summer is a time of simplicity - enjoy every moment. Enjoy the people you are with, the activities that you are doing, and the clothing that you wear.

James Dean is known for his white tee, Levi’s, and boots. And it’s hard to deny that he doesn’t look simply relaxed and cool, even to this day.

Don’t overcomplicate things - find outfits that match your personality.

After all, Isaac Newton did say, “Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.”

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