Staying Cool at the Office | Summer Menswear Outfits

It's summertime, and the talk at work drifts around to the weather. Your wardrobe may show some signs of the rising temperature: loosened ties abound, unbuttoned shirts, nary a suit jacket in sight.

The consensus is clear - it's hot.

Reinforced if you’re unfortunate enough to work in a workplace without A/C.

In an attempt to help you maintain your cool, here are some ideas for summer workplace attire.

Summer Dress Code #1: Casual

If you work somewhere with a lax dress code, like shorts and tees, you’re the most in-luck during the summer months.

Feel free to don a pair of chino shorts. Refined like it’s full-length older brother, but summer ready. Usually made of 60% cotton for comfort and softness, the synthetic material blend helps with breathability and stretch.

And there are few things more important than being able to air out in the summertime.

On top, look for casual short sleeve shirts made of cotton or linen. Both of these natural materials are breathable and will help wick sweat away from your body.

For a refined alternative to the basic t-shirt, reach for a polo made with modern fabrics, such as Daniel Hechter’s Ice Cotton. Made for sport and when your boss refuses to turn down the office thermostat.

Summer Dress Code #2: Smart Casual (ie. Semi-Casual)

This may be the most contentious dress code. Dressing semi-casual is the cross between dress wear and street wear.

This classic collegiate style is rooted in cardigans, sport jackets, oxfords, and loafers. But seeing how it’s the summer, we’d only recommend the loafers - everything is just too darn thick and hot.

When it comes to shedding layers, slim chino pants and breathable cotton or linen sport shirts will be your go-to items.

These natural materials will keep you looking sharp and you won’t be boiling during the next team meeting. Plus, if you’ve been wanting to wear brighter colours to the office, summer is the ideal time.

Summer Dress Code #3: Business

If there’s one thing you’ll learn from reading this blog, it’s that cotton and linen are the ultimate summer materials. We’ve said it three times and we’re starting to sound like our mothers.

If you work a corporate or executive level job, you may need to wear a suit during the summer. No need to consider your suit a death trap as you stare at it in your closet.

It’s a lot simpler than you think. Look out for suits that promote breathability by using linen, cotton, or thin wool-blends as their primary materials.

Looking for a budget-friendly option? Tip Top has suits made from 100% synthetic materials, which give you all the benefits of natural but at a lower price point.

Cool Down with Tip Top

The summer is a time of celebration and enjoyment, which can permeate into your work life. By staying comfortable and cool at the office, you will stay productive and focussed.

The thermometer may not be the only thing getting a raise.

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