The Best Men’s Summer Suits 2018

The Best Men’s Summer Suits 2018
Here’s a question: what makes a summer suit different than any other kind of suit?
Here’s the simple answer: lightweight. 
Nothing about wearing long-sleeves, a suit jacket and pants in the summer sounds appealing. It’s that whole “rays of the sun” thing. We’re not scientists. Can’t explain it.
But we don’t have to explain why the thought of suits in summer can cause serious dread. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to. Some of the best men’s summer suits are waiting, well-tailored, for you to wear them and look and feel cool through the hottest months of the year. Here’s just a few tips to making sure your suit stays in step with the rising heat this summer.

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

Nothing matters more here than fabric. Just try and imagine wearing a wool suit in the midday sun in Augu—oh no, you’re melting!
[yells off-screen for help, puts you in a meat locker]
Sorry about that, reader. Now that you’re freezing back into existence, let’s get down to the business of cotton. Unlike synthetic fabrics or wool, cotton really lets you breathe. Not a lot of suits are made of mostly cotton, but sport jackets sure are. Toss one on and you’ll look trendy and feel great.

Go To The Light

Summer is the time your light-colored suits can really shine. From deep, rich blues to nearly-white greys, the lightness of your suit game in the summer will keep you cool and let you stand out from the navy and black suit crowd. Tan may even be acceptable here for maximum light refraction. (Take that, scientists.)
And if we’re talking about casual events that call for sport jackets, anything is on the table. Go green! Red is also a more and more popular summer color over the last few years as well as floral prints.


Following two general rules of thumb can really set your summer suit wardrobe apart this year. First, if your suit colors are simple (think navy or grey) then use your accessories to fill it in with some bright colors. Pick a tie with a distinct pattern and accentuating color and a matching pocket square. Second, if your look is already colorful as it is, go simple with your ties and squares. Balance in everything, even in summer.

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