How to Nail Office Wear For Men

It’s a golden age for men’s fashion. By that we don’t mean “best fashion ever.” No, it’s a golden age because men aren’t always required to wear that black suit, crisp tie and pressed pants combo to work every day. Workplace fashion runs a little more relaxed these days.

That doesn’t mean men shouldn’t try to look as smart as possible when they roll into work in the morning. Here’s a few tips on how to dress for work these days and which mens suits might be best for you.

Against The Grain

That relaxed atmosphere provides an opportunity for you to be that guy in the office that looks better than everyone else simply because you opted for the suit game. As long as you pick out a slim-fitting suit, you’ll stand out in the office and set the standard for Looking Great™.

We did bag on the black suit in the introduction, and we apologize to all black suits and their families. But we stand by it. If you do, in fact, opt for a suit at work then go down the grey or navy route instead. Different shades of blue are acceptable in the office: indigo blue is a nice touch, or you can try a lighter shade of blue to make your outfit pop a little more. (That’s our personal preference, for what it’s worth.)

If you go with a grey or navy suit, pick out a lighter tie and pocket square color combination to offset the dark color. Make sure your accessories match, as always.

Separate and Trendy

You might feel like a complete suit is too formal for your particular office but still want to dress up a notch above your peers. In that case, try the suit as a separate piece of the outfit. Keep the suit jacket but pair it with a pair of chinos and a simple white undershirt.

Jeans Allowed

If you hit the Work Lottery and get to wear jeans to work, that doesn’t mean you can get away with any pair of denims hanging in your closet. There are working jeans, and then there are work jeans. Work jeans should be slim-fit and paired with a white shirt and crew neck jumper.

Of course, jeans aren’t the only trousers that can qualify for your casual workplace. Chinos are a step up the formal ladder and pair well with a patterned shirt and jacket or jumper.

The Bottom Line

What you wear to the office depends on, well, your office. Each workplace has a different level of required formality. If you figure it out early on then you can adjust your workplace wardrobe accordingly and be the best-dressed guy around the cubicles.

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