How Many Suits Does A Man Need?

Amid growing corporate competition, many professionals are recognizing that to be able to distinguish yourself from the competition is one of the tenets of a successful businessman. Whether or not you adhere to the rationale behind rising above the casual dress code, personal appearance influences how your coworkers and superiors perceive you. The reality is that people form impressions about your abilities, character, and even your credentials in the first couple of seconds of laying eyes on you. Sometimes that perception is lasting and will be very hard to change in the future. Therefore, a proper wardrobe with a complete suit can position you in a favorable light from the get-go.
When it comes to the number of business suits that you should have in your wardrobe, note that you are investing in yourself. Every man should have a minimum of three suits in four classic colors: black, charcoal, gray, and navy. These are suits that are agreeable in most situations, are generally tasteful, formal, and match different accessories.
For those who are well into their career and have the means to revamp their appearance, then it's essential to work with a 1:2 ratio. This means that if you work in the corporate world five times a week, then you want at least 10 suits in your arsenal. This will ensure that you do not wear one particular suit more than once a month. This adds variety to your wardrobe, and it will also ensure that your suits last for several years to come since they won't be subjected to wear-and-tear.

Types of Modern Mens Suits

Slim fit. Slim fit suits are fitted closer to the body, without any excess fabric. However, do not let the name deter you – a lot of different body types can wear slim fit clothing. Slim fit tends to be flattering as it contours to your body.
Slim fit pants are designed with "darts" in the back, which allow it to taper and hang close to the body. The pants will be snug with about half an inch to an inch of fabric when pinched between the fingers, but still providing ample space to move and sit with ease.
  • Grafton Slit Fit, Notch Lapel and Graph Check Suit, the go-to ensemble for those who want versatility and comfort.
  • Bellissimo Slim Fit Suit. Suave and sophisticated in classic black.
Modern Fit. Modern fit is something between a slim fit and classic fit. With the modern fit, jackets and pantsuits aren't boxy and will have more breathing room than a slim fit get up. It's a viable choice for those who want something a little more fashion-forward than the classic suit, but do not feel comfortable with the slim fit.
Modern fit is the go-to for most men as it is designed for a wide range of body shapes while having a sleek silhouette. Blazers are gently tapered, with a slender appearance with the sleeves cut slim.
  • DKNY Modern Fit 100% Wool Stripe Suit, Notch Lapel. This modern fit suit is designed with a subtle stripe pattern.
  • Daniel Hechter Paris Modern Fit, for those who travel often and want a lightweight suit.
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