5 Things You Should Know To Elevate Your Style

Mens clothing can be difficult to navigate. For some men, shopping for affordable and stylish clothing is a significant challenge. When shopping for menswear, it's important to remember that not all clothing is created equal. A tailored suit will always look better than tennis socks and a jersey. Learning how to shop mens clothing, while selecting high-quality, complimentary pieces, will help you look and feel better. Enhance your style and build your wardrobe by avoiding several popular, but unflattering menswear items.

Slogan T-Shirts

With loud slogans like "haters gonna hate" or "don't tase me, bro", t-shirt designs are better when they're simple. Slogan t-shirts often look juvenile and immature. If you need to express yourself, talk to people in-person or write. Expressing your thoughts or feelings through a t-shirt is unflattering and makes you appear crude and unsophisticated. Instead of a slogan t-shirt, opt for a breathable cotton t-shirt.

Sporty Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the UV rays while adding a touch of personal style to your outfit, sunglasses are a key accessory for men. Often unflattering, sporty sunglasses should be avoided due to their unsophisticated look. Often mirrored or rainbow-colored, this style of sunglasses is not appropriate for business or formal wear. Cheap-looking and over-engineering, sporty sunglasses do nothing to accentuate mens clothing. For a timeless, classic look, go with a pair of aviators or Wayfarers.


Supporting your favorite team is fun, but jerseys are only appropriate at sporting events. Wearing them for other occasions makes you look immature and childish. Often ill-fitting and brightly colored, jerseys are not constructed or designed for everyday wear. With poor material and construction, a jersey may break down quickly if worn regularly. Reserve your jerseys for game day and opt to wear a basic t-shirt instead.

Inappropriate Ties

When shopping for men's clothing, it's important to select a tie of the correct style and size. If a tie is too long or too short it can look goofy or sloppy. Avoid a gigantic tie knot or a tie that accentuates your crotch with a correctly sized tie for your unique height. If a tie is made of the wrong fabric, is a strange color, or uses a poor choice of fabric, your overall outfit may look cheap. Silk ties are the best option when looking for something timeless and classic. A classic paisley pattern always looks dapper.

Short Socks

If you're an adult regularly visiting office or business settings, it is inappropriate to wear tennis socks or short socks. An eyesore to mens clothing, both types of socks are meant for gym visits or casual wear at home. If wearing a suit, long pants, trousers, or dress pants, it's important to compliment the sleek look with equally polished socks. Choose a pair of high-quality socks to compliment your other mens clothing selections.
Working to make you look and feel more confident, well-constructed menswear can revitalize your appearance. Avoid sloppy pieces and focus on finding well-fitted, expertly-crafted pieces that can be worn for years. Timeless aviators, a basic t-shirt and a classic paisley tie are just a few mens clothing pieces that never go out of style. Create a memorable appearance by maintaining high-quality pieces with stain remover, an iron and hangers. Appropriate for years to come, classic menswear pieces should be the basis of any modern man's daily wardrobe.
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