Beginner's Guide to Wearing a Tie Bar

Various approaches to keeping ties in place have been a part of men's fashion since the 1800s. Tie bars became quite popular but have been out of style until more recently. Now that they are back in style, you might not be aware of just how and when to wear one. Let's take a look at tie bars and see how you can include them in your wardrobe.

What Are Tie Bars?

A tie bar is a men's fashion accessory that serves to hold the tie in place. The tie bar clips the tie to the dress shirt so it doesn't move around. This feature comes in handy during strong winds or for keeping your tie out of your lunch. Because tie bars are an accessory, the way they look is as important as how they function.

Types of Tie Bars: Clips vs. Slides

The two most common types of tie bars are tie clips and slide bars. The tie clip has a hinge allowing it to open and close. The slide bars are a solid piece of metal that simply slides into position. Slide bars can move out of position, so tie clips tend to do a better job of staying in place.

How to Wear a Tie Bar

You should position your tie bar between the third and fourth buttons on your dress shirt. If you are wearing a jacket, the tie bar should be visible above the jacket's top button. Make sure that the tie bar and the top of your jacket breast pocket are parallel.

The easiest way to ensure that you are positioning your tie bar correctly is to start by clipping it to your shirt. Once you have it in the right position, open it and slide your tie into place. Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie. Your tie bar should also compliment other accessories and match your outfit.

How NOT to Wear a Tie Bar

Since the primary function of the tie bar is to hold the tie in place, you should only wear one when it's needed. If you are wearing a tie under a sweater or buttoned vest, the additional garment makes a tie bar redundant. You shouldn't wear your tie bar too high, or it won't serve its purpose. Also, be sure not to wear it too low, especially when wearing a jacket. Make sure your tie bar is straight and not worn at an angle. You should also avoid wearing novelty tie bars in professional and formal settings.

What Occasions Are Appropriate for Wearing Tie Bars?

You can wear a tie bar for any occasion where you would wear a tie. The formality of the tie bar should match the occasion. For formal and business professional settings, a plain metal tie bar is the best option. Subtle tie bars that are not distracting are also appropriate for job interviews. Funerals also require subtly and a plain metal tie bar is most appropriate. Weddings and more causal settings are times when you can play around with more colour and personalization.

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