How Tie Clips Can Make Your Suit Pop

Tie clips are definitely practical. Few things frustrate a man’s life more than the tie that won’t stop moving throughout the day. An unstraightened tie is one of the first things people will notice about you during a meeting at work.

But tie clips can also add some terrific flavor to your outfit. The right practices and the right clip could be that extra pinch of dapper that your suit badly needed.

Safe is fine, but fine isn’t exactly fashionable

Solid colors like gray or gold or silver are perfect for the practical guy who just wants to keep that tie under wraps. But stylish means broadening horizons a bit, and tie clips with different textures, patterns or colors can really compliment a tie, suit color and pocket square impeccably. Remember: the accessories on a suit often say more about the man than the suit itself.

Best tie clip practices

This is important. Too high, and why are you even bothering? Your tie will be flapping all over the place. Too low, and you get that weird fold-bubble effect whenever you lean forward.

Middle is best, preferably in the lower third of your sternum between the fourth and third buttons of your shirt. There is where your clip looks prominent, works effectively and achieves full suit pop status.

Pattern match

Make sure your tie clip patterns don’t conflict with your actual tie’s patterns. A patchwork, checkered or striped tie pattern could use a tie clip with a solid, straight pattern to it. In the same vein, a tie with more color and panache goes best with a solid-colored clip with a brushed finish.

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