How to be the Best Dressed for the Fall Wedding

The only thing worse than not having a creative Halloween costume or overcooking the turkey, is not showing up in style to those picturesque fall weddings you’ve been invited to. 

Embrace the cooler temperatures, the pumpkin spice scent, and the opportunity of attending a wedding where you have the option of being outdoors for the union of two people looking to live happily ever after.

The average wedding dress costs $1,281. For guys, chances are, you won’t be spending quite that much, but whether you’re in the wedding party, or just a guest, you’re still gonna need to spend more than a Whopper’s worth of clothes if you want to attend in style. Let’s breakdown the essentials, shall we?      

Styling Your Feet for the Dance

As tempting as it is to cover your feet in hot dog socks, finding the right shoes starts with the right pair of socks. Bellissimo’s cotton and nylon black ribbed socks are perfect for the cooler weather to go with your new pair of Cole Haan smooth leather Warren Cap Toe Derby shoes. Do you have more breathing room in the wallet, and prefer fine texture? Mephisto’s Melchior Cap Toes might be exactly what you’re looking for. Or if you’re looking for more colour, it’s hard to beat Gucci’s grosgrain Donnie Bit Loafer (assuming you can afford it).   

The Perfect Pair of Pants

Style is important, but it won’t mean much if you’re having to loosen that belt just to make room to breathe after inhaling that delicious, oven roasted Thanksgiving turkey. Calvin Klein’s modern fit pants offer a look and a feel that is 70 percent polyester, 30 percent rayon, and 100 percent dapper. They also come in all the essential fall colours: black, charcoal, navy, and taupe.  

Dressed to Kill (Above the Belt)

Let’s face it. You probably won’t fit into this Jones New York modern fit twill dress shirt the way Daniel Craig does as your favourite British spy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come close. This memorable dress shirt is 100 percent premium cotton, with all the trimmings you’ll need to look better than the rest: taped seams, a non-iron finish, and convertible cuffs. Complement your new shirt with one of Tip Top’s many snazzy, slim fit suits; they range from navy polyester to blue natural wool.  

How to Bling the Rest

Accessories are like appetizers: they’re not as important as the entree, but they’re no less essential (and tasty). If you’ve got the right pants, keep your pants above the equator with a reversible plaque buckle, or a slick, black, grooved-edge tongue buckle belt.

Remember! You’re trying be the best dressed guest at your next fall wedding. Go the extra mile by standing out above the crowd with a dash of artistic taste thanks to Bellissimo’s silver Mona Lisa cufflinks.
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