How to Style Your Socks

When it comes to socks, they simply aren't given the attention they deserve. If you're like most men, you put on a pair of socks that match the color of your shirt or pants and call it a day. A super safe bet, huh? Well, socks are an essential asset to your attire for many reasons. Let this short guide give you the lowdown on how to style your socks better. Are you ready? Read on!

Socks: The Missing Piece to Any Outfit

Socks are the missing piece to your outfit. They can really show the world your excellent command of fashion and unique sense of style. Since socks can be this vital to your wardrobe, you need to put more thought into your sock selection. For instance, when you're thinking about which pair of socks to wear, pay closer attention to whether or not they complement your shoes.

Avoid Outdated Fashion Rules

Step outside the tired fashion principle of matching your socks with your trousers. Not only is it boring, but it's also restrictive. Break the cycle by adding a little adventure to your sense of style. After all, your socks may sometimes set the tone for the rest of your outfit.

When in Doubt, Wear Black

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which color shoes will be best with your current outfit. When in doubt, you're always safe with black. If you want to give your style an edgy look, you can never go wrong with argyle socks, as long as they don't clash too much with your outfit.

Socks and Pants

There's a great debate about the type and color of socks you can wear with pants. In formal settings, we recommend dress socks should always be one shade darker than the color of the pants you're wearing.

Consider Your Comfort

Socks, like other clothing, should fit properly. Wearing socks that are too small can decrease the blood flow to your legs and feet. On the other hand, wearing socks that are too big becomes a hassle because every few steps, you have to bend down and pull them up.

Plain White Is a No-Go

If you're considering wearing plain white socks with formal wear, don't even think about it. Brightly colored socks are not the ideal attire for black-tie events or formal work meetings, but you can get away with it as long as your pants legs are not too short. If you plan on wearing brightly colored socks, make sure you bring your confidence with your entire outfit. If you want to pull off a brightly colored look, make sure you contrast and complement the colors you're wearing to avoid a fashion disaster.

It's All About Coordination

As long as your socks are not neon highlighter colors, you can pair them with popular, classic patterns, including polka dots, stripes, and argyle. These sock styles work wonders when paired with lace-ups or loafers. The key to success in mastering your sock fashion is coordination and harmony.
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