How to Wear a Sport Jacket

Every man should have at least one sport jacket in their closet. These jackets are versatile, and they enhance your silhouette. Here are the dos and don'ts of wearing a sport jacket.

What Is a Sport Jacket?

A sport jacket is a lounge jacket for men that can be worn without matching pants. Originally, the sport jacket was worn by men who participated in different sporting events. These jackets are available in different colors and textures.

How to Wear a Sport Jacket With Jeans and Factors to Consider

Choosing the Perfect Sport Jacket

There are different sport jackets available, so picking the right one can be a challenge. A sport jacket complements the body type. Pay attention to details, such as pockets, lapels, and other functional details. A man can highlight his best features by wearing a sport jacket that is:

  • Soft-shouldered
  • Textured fabric
  • Unstructured
  • Casual
  • Two or three buttons
  • High color contrast
  • Well-fitted

Sport jackets have more room than jackets that come with suits and blazers, which is a great opportunity for layering clothing.

Choose the Right Jeans

The sport jacket is only part of the wardrobe equation. The proper jeans are needed to complete the look. The jeans need to be clean, well-fitting, and dark-washed. Ripped, baggy jeans do not achieve the goal sport jackets set of appearing laid back and comfortable, yet professional and elegant. Some light-colored jeans can do the trick, but it's best to keep your look simple. Jeans should:

  • Have a close fit
  • Be the proper length
  • Be made of sturdy fabric

Men should avoid jeans that feature sequins and patches. Acid wash jeans should also be avoided. Heavier jeans are sturdier and made of high-quality material.

Choosing a Shirt

To complete the look, men should wear a shirt under a sport jacket. The best shirt to wear is a double-layered, top collared shirt, but any collared shirt will get the job done. Double-layered top collared shirts are great to pair with a sport jacket because they offer versatility. The collared shirts men wear with sport jackets don't necessarily have to be a dress shirt unless the occasion calls for one. Men should choose a solid shirt or a shirt that is lightly patterned. White shirts, different shades of blue, or rich, dark colors pair greatly with sport jackets, but it depends on the overall theme. Bright colors and shirts that have heavy, saturated patterns should be avoided because they clash with sport jackets and are too formal.

Pairing Shirts with the Occasion

Men who plan on going out with friends, for dinner and drinks, should wear a sport jacket of a solid color. Olive green, dark blue, and brown are good solid colors for a sport jacket. The shirt underneath the jacket should feature a butcher stripe or a similar pattern. To master a classic and casual look, men should wear a lightly patterned shirt with a brown or khaki-colored sport jacket. To obtain a relaxed appearance, men should wear a collared shirt that features a solid, dark color and a close-fitting, soft-shouldered sport jacket.

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