Long Sleeve Tops Every Guy Needs This Fall

With the temperatures going down (and electricity bills going up), throwing on a couple layers will definitely help. Long sleeve tops have been used for centuries - maybe even millennia - to keep guys warm and protected from the elements.

Whether you’re dressing up to seadog, dog walk, or be a stylish gent, every guy needs to have his long-sleeve game on-lock this fall season. If not for fashion, do it for survival, as the fall weather can be unpredictable at times. When the weather person’s report should really be a shrug, a good sweater will keep you safe.

Best Long Sleeves & Sweaters at Tip Top

Canadian Casual Shirt

Plaid Flannel Sport Shirt | Projek Raw

To start this list, we had to come correct with the ultimate Canadian staple: the plaid flannel shirt. Projek Raw crafts their flannel shirts from a combed cotton for an extra soft and comfy finish - perfect when the weather is feeling extra miserable. Try it with boots and crisp jeans to make this a true Canadian classic.

All-Weather Long Sleeve

Long Sleeve Polo | Nantucket Whaler

The perfect semi-casual long sleeve. If you’re looking for a collared popover that isn't sporty (like a tough and tumble rugby shirt), Nantucket Whaler’s long-sleeve polo is the perfect option. Known for their history of durability and style, Nantucket Whaler hooks us up with a soft and breathable medium-weight french terry material.

Everyday Comfort

Sustainable Hoodie | Tip Top

What more can we say about hoodies? It’s the go-to sweater that most guys reach for - aside from maybe a chunky knit cardigan (more on that later). If you’re going to the gym or just hanging out with the boys, a warm and comfy hoodie is the way to go. Made from sustainably-grown organic cotton, we’ve made a hoodie that’s good for the planet, easy on the wallet, and cozy to wear.

Fireside Storytelling Warmth (but keep it classy)

Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan | Daniel Hechter Paris

Here’s that chunky cardigan we were talking about. This design was good enough for Irish fishermen over 100 years ago, and it’s still perfect for us now. Maybe you’ll be by the campfire, or layering under a peacoat. Whatever it is, Daniel Hechter’s chunky cardigan will fit the bill.

Frenchman Fresh

Turtleneck Sweater | Tip Top

Sometimes called “The Roll Neck Sweater”, turtleneck sweaters have been giving men Euro charm and warm necks for years. There’s a reason why every dapper guy rocks one with a top coat during the fall. Utilitarian and stylish, our version is made from recycled materials to help keep the planet clean.

Sportswear Classic

Crew Neck French Terry Sweater | Nantucket Whaler

Crew Neck Knit Yarn Sweater | Daniel Hechter Paris

One of the no-brainer styles that men have been wearing since youth is the crew neck sweater, aka “the jumper” for our UK folk. It’s hard to think of a sweater more versatile than this. Throw on a french terry version for errands or a gym sesh - the added breathability and midweight make this a charm for layering. For a polished look, a knit crew neck with a pair of chinos and chelsea boots make for a clean, minimalist look.

Be Tip Top When The Cold Arrives

Being prepared for the cold weather is the best tip we can give you. Where comfort meets style, head to your nearest Tip Top and find the best in men’s fall fashion.

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