Introducing Nantucket Whaler Clothing: Now Available in Canada at Tip Top

As the winds begin to cool and backyard fires erupt for warmth, gentlemen, it’s time for us to prepare for fall. As Nantucket Whaler clothing’s exclusive Canadian partner, we’re excited to bring their durable and warm clothing to our customers.

Nantucket Whaler is a classic American lifestyle brand inspired by exploration and island history dating back to 1837. Their heritage is steeped in the mystique of Nantucket Island and the generations of men and women who built a life exploring the sea.

Nantucket Whaler: Born at Sea

Nantucket Whaler comes from a tiny island of Nantucket off the coast of Massachusetts. About 9 hours south of Montreal (past Harvard University, includes a 2-hour ferry), it’s a peaceful ride into this idyllic beach-covered haven.

But the seafaring town has a storied past of hardened workers and seamen; they know what it means to face the elements. Though it has become a tourism hub, alongside its glamorous neighbour, Martha’s Vineyard, perseverance and resilience is still a part of the island’s DNA.

Nantucket used to be the whaling capital of the world, spawning folklore and stories like Herman Melville’s Moby Dick - a tale of a catastrophic hunt that sank a great Nantuckian ship.

While out at sea, men needed robust and resilient clothing - able to withstand the elements, crashing waves, and limited wardrobe. This is the lineage that Nantucket Whaler designs all of their clothes around.

Infusing history and nautical style, their casual long sleeve selection is perfect for fall. If you’re transitioning from the comfy t-shirts of summer, try out their modern-fit long sleeve polo. Made from a comfortable and warm french terry, here’s a shirt perfect for working from home, the office, or the wharf.

Saving the Environment & Righting the Past

Because of the island’s once lucrative (and environmentally disastrous) business, the local whale population was decimated. This resulted in an economic collapse and recession in the 1850s.

This history of environmental exploitation has led Nantucket Whaler towards aquatic conservation and activism. A portion of all sales go back to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation - a global charity dedicated to the conservation of whales and dolphins.

WDC’s efforts are helping to end whaling, end captivity, prevent fishing net deaths, and create healthier seas overall.

A world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.
- Whale and Dolphin Conservation Mission -

Tip Top Fall Picks from Nantucket Whaler

Versatility is a key component of Nantucket’s Fall ‘22 lineup. Here’s a couple of our top picks:

Two-Pocket Denim Shirt

A sturdy denim shirt will carry your style year after year - especially for men that like to have a unique look. Whether you’re chopping wood or clicking a keyboard, denim is a hardy material (just look at your favourite jeans) that fades and ages to match your lifestyle. Plus, it fits right in at the office or pub.

Crew Neck Knit Sweater

Made with a soft and robust french terry material, it’s perfect with a collared shirt underneath or on its own for a laid-back look.

But we’ll leave it to our customer Pascal G. to explain how great it is!

“I have trouble with fabric sensitivity… The tops are absolutely the nicest sweater style garments I own without a hood and they fit like a glove. I was also impressed even on warmer days that this breathed and wasn't too restrictive.”

Thanks Pascal!

Performance Stretch 5-Pocket Pants

We typically think about denim as the ultimate pair of fall pants. But sometimes we’re not in the mood to wear stiff jeans - and you can’t pull up to a date in sweatpants… well, you could but we can’t promise positive results.

Nantucket Whaler’s performance stretch 5-pocket pants give you the silhouette of your favourite jeans but made from a buttery and stretchy cotton-blend. Perfect for anywhere life takes you.

Tip-Top x Nantucket Whaler = A Natural Collaboration

Choosing Nantucket Whaler for your fall wardrobe is great for the environment and your style. This partnership was an organic pairing. At Tip Top, we take sustainability seriously - our eco-friendly initiative is an example of this.

As you begin to bundle up for the fall, feel good inside and out with Nantucket Whaler. Check out our selection online or in-store!

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