Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2022 | From Everyday Casual to Formal Attire

Why is fall the best time of year for men’s fashion? You can play with your wardrobe - layers, chunky sweaters, jackets. It’s not like the other seasons where you need to dress for pure survival - spring waterproofness, summer breathability, winter… Well, everything.

Autumn is that transitional time when guys can pull out their best duds without wondering if they’re over or underdressed. Now before you go grab your red buffalo plaid flannel, dark denim, and boots (of which there is nothing wrong about, there is a time and place for everything), 2022 is ripe with some of the freshest trends we’ve seen.

And we mean juicy and deliciously ripe trends that are taking the menswear into cosier and more vibrant territories.

Unlike some of the past trends that we’ve seen - like loud all-over prints and skinny trousers - these trends can be worn everywhere. And quite often. Call this the utilitarian revolution.

With all your clothing items working double duty, you’ll be able to pack light for your next trip.

Functional Fashion: GORPcore

You know the look. Fuzzy technical fleeces, puffer jackets or vests, tapered cargo pants, straight leg jeans or chinos, well-weathered hats. This cross between high-tech materials and outdoor survivalism is what’s called GORPcore. Old school with new school rules.

Coined in 2017 by The Cut Magazine editor Jason Chen, it’s derived from the acronym, “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.” Think of the guy that wears expedition gear or hiking boots in the heart of the city. All with hits of colours like orange, highlighter greens, and vibrant blues.

Out in the wilderness, most guys are trying to do as many things as possible while carrying as few things as possible. This rule is now being applied in urban settings. This take on functional fashion means that it puts comfort and function first - wait, isn’t this what we’ve always wanted?! Guys everywhere rejoice!

Everyone from A$AP Rocky, Frank Ocean, and Shia Lebeouf have embraced this style. And you can too.


Vintage-Inspired Tailoring

Every good piece of clothing has a story behind it.

Your sneakers remind you of Jordan sinking the championship buzzer beater as you stared at your bunny-eared TV set.

Your jeans, the reliable trousers that have been keeping it together since 1853 - even when you’d rather turn over in bed at 8:53.

Your trusty toque, the Canadian essential that’s become synonymous to your style and your survival.

Well, suits are similar too. Suits have a storied past of being an all-in-one outfit. Plus, they’re equally appropriate at ballrooms and boardrooms. Classic suit styles are making a comeback with peak lapels, rich tones and patterns. Think sophisticated herringbones, apt plaids, and robust corduroys.

Take it a step further with a 3-piece suit that gives you even more versatility. If you’re having a relaxed evening, ditch the jacket and just wear the vest/trouser combo. This is also perfect for weddings, since you can take off your jacket and still have a complete look.

Suits + Hats: Keep Your Dome in Check

Every season has its signature hat - and fall is no different. Since the weather can feel a little temperamental, it’s good to have a trusty hat to cover your noggin. And pairing it with your suit is a big mood this fall.

And there are various styles to choose from, all appropriate for most ‘fits. This season we love the look of the driver cap, the perfect transition from your summertime baseball variation.

Whatever hat you end up choosing, make sure it keeps up with your tailored style. Opt for a robust and sophisticated wool to effortlessly pair with your suit.

Turtlenecks: Fall Coverage

The perfect intermediary layer for the Canadian fall. Thick enough to block out the occasional wind but thin enough to keep your throat from becoming a furnace. Plus, you can’t deny how sharp it looks.

It’s timeless, functional, and stylish. What else could you ask for? Oh right, it looks great with literally any jacket or suit you throw at it.

Sustainably-Sourced Roll Neck Sweater | Tip Top

It’s Fall in Canada! Head Over to Tip Top!

Wherever you live in Canada, beware the gusts of fall. Okay, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when you have the right outfit - especially with the multi-functional pieces of this season’s trends.

Whether you’re donning a fluffy fleece or a dapper 3-piece suit and cap, know that you’re ready for whatever nature decides to throw at you.

Because after fall comes winter - and it’s shapeless parkas and hefty boots until spring.

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