5 Prom Tips to Save Money on Your Outfit (without looking like you’re on a budget)

Imagine it’s prom night. You obviously want to make an entrance in your fresh fit. You’re serving looks and getting everyone’s attention. Now snap back to reality, you have one problem: your pockets look thinner than your final essay the night before it was due.

We get it. You're stressed about making your high school grand finale memorable.

No sweat, we have your #prom2023 looks covered at Tip Top - we’re Canada's prom destination for a reason! We fit any budget and add rizz to any style.

Here are 5 foolproof prom hacks that will help you save on your outfit.

Prom Budget Tip #1: Big Saving, Big Style Points

There are deals abound at Tip Top during this time of year. Receive a shirt and tie for $20.23 (see what we did there 😉) when you purchase a suit... *in infomercial voice* but wait there's more! With the purchase of a suit jacket, you get the pants for free.

So if you buy a suit jacket, you get the pants free and can complete the look for $20.23! Tip Top is for the people!

Prom Budget Tip #2: Update Your Current Wardrobe

You know the expression, "Doing the best you can with what you have"? Now it's time to do THE MOST with what you have. Instead of getting a whole new ensemble, try updating your suit. 

As long as you haven't worn holes or rubbed the elbows clean off, all you need to do is update your look with some accessories and a new dress shirt. And if your current suit doesn't fit the way you'd like it, try getting it tailored at your local Tip Top.

Our 20+ colours of ties and pocket squares will set the tone. Make an impression the second you walk into the party with a Bellissimo Non-Iron Sateen dress shirt - it gives you stretch, breathability, and wrinkle resistance to keep you on the dance floor all night.

Prom Budget Tip 3: The Minimalist Air Tie

Or you can completely side step the accessories and go in with just a killer dress shirt and suit combo sans tie and pocket square. Our peak style icon around here is Timothee Chalamet - if you've been on the blog long enough, you know we're absolute stans for his looks. Here he is without a tie and completely unfazed - he's confident and casual.

For this style, a bold statement suit is necessary. Try a jewel tone slim fit suit or aubergine tux jacket.

Prom Budget Tip 4: Get Sneaky with Prom Sneakers

Sneakers can be cheaper than a new pair of dress shoes. Even if you do splurge on a fresh pair of kicks, you'll be able to wear them more often afterwards which is a huge bonus.

We suggest a simple colourway like all-white Adidas Stan Smiths. Or if you want to colour coordinate with your suit and tie, Jordan 1s come in multiple colourways. Check out our guide to dressing up with sneakers.

Prom Budget Tip 5: No Jacket, All Vest

You can save by skipping the suit jacket and going vested instead. Typically a part of a three-piece suit, ditch the jacket and rock a vest for a slightly relaxed look that still adds a touch of classic charm. How often do you see vests these days? Aside from Ryan Rey-man, not that often and it's a great way to make an entrance... but please, not like Last of Us' Pedro Pascal.

Since you're dealing with a more minimalist look, opt for a pattern like plaid or herringbone to stand out, like this matching vest and pants set from Jermyn & Bond. Finesse with the Vest!

Your Prom, Your Budget at Tip Top

Remember, money can't buy style. Style is all about finding the pieces that work for you and your budget and making something amazing out of it. If you need help finding the right look for your prom, swing by one of our 80+ locations.

With new styles coming in regularly, our team will find the right fit and colour for you! If you’re still looking for inspiration, check out our guide to the perfect prom outfit
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