The Perfect Prom Outfit for Guys | Looks for a Night to Remember

Look, we get it - prom is a big freaking deal. We were once there as seniors: celebrating the end of high school, asking crushes to prom, planning limos and afterparties, figuring out how to make the biggest impression you could.

Even though the dances have changed - y’all don’t want to catch this shoulder-lean or Snap Yo’ Fingaz outside - we still did our best to look as fresh as possible.


But unfortunately, the fashion didn’t hold up. Oversized suits are hanging in closets everywhere collecting dust.

Good thing at Tip Top we’re here to prevent looking back in regret. We have timeless designs that still include some fashion forward details. Check out this slim fit suit.

So if you need to kit yourself out in the best menswear for the big prom, here’s our top tips to nailing the look.

What’s Your Prom Budget?

Whoever said money is not an object was tripping. Why else are all of us working in the first place?

Whether you’ve been saving up from your part-time job, or your folks are helping you out, understanding your budget can often help to narrow in on what you want.

Here’s a couple budget-related questions we hear often:

Rent or Buy? Buying saves money in the long run.

What can I get for $250? An entire suit at Tip Top.

I have a limited budget. What’s your suggestion? Go for a tailored casual look. It will look better than an ill-fitting rented suit.

If you have other questions, don’t be shy - come by one of our locations and chat with our staff. Having done menswear for over 100 years, we’ve seen a prom or two.

While on the topic of saving you some cash, when you buy a suit with us, for a limited time you can complete the look with a shirt and tie for $20.23.

That’s cash you can use for other more important stuff - like post-prom brunch.

What’s the Vibe?

What’s the vibe you’re going for? Are looking to do something classic with a black tux, bow tie, and white shirt? Or maybe something a bit more fun, like a bright-coloured suit.

Whatever energy you’re trying to convey can typically be found in your outfit selection.

If you’re trying to be a bit more relaxed, the previously mentioned casual look will nail what you want to convey.

A combination of relaxed and formal, go the Peaky Blinders route and pull off the 3-piece suit. But forget about the tie to keep an effortless look. When it’s time to bus’ it, you can take off your jacket and still maintain your look with the vest.

Accessories with suits are another way to solidify the vibe you want to portray. Throw on a chain, leather bracelet, and watch for a Certified Lover Boy look.

What’s the Colour?

The great thing about this question is it could be answered by simply going to your prom date. If she already has a vision in mind, your only goal now is to keep her happy. That’s a life lesson; you’ll thank us in the long run.

Depending on the colour, you may not find a full suit in this tone but even a matching tie and pocket square may be enough to bring together this overall look.

Different colours can bring different energies into your ‘fit as well - “Fashion is more about feel than science”, says producer-powerhouse Pharell Williams. Here’s more on prom colours.

How Do You Want to Feel at Prom?

This may seem obvious - comfy, stylish, confident - but not every suit is made with this in mind. All of our suits are made considering these factors.

If you’re looking for a suit that feels like your favourite jeans, or even a tracksuit, check out our suits and grab one that will keep going as you move from limo to prom to afterparty.

It’s all about the Fit

Despite everything we mentioned previously, at the end of the day, it’s all about the fit. A sloppy fit can ruin even the best looking suit.

Straight off-the-rack suits save money but are nearly impossible to find the perfect fit. But completely-from-scratch suits are too damn expensive! Good thing you get the best of both at Tip Top.

We rely on off-the-rack suits to help you save money, but our in-house tailors alter them to fit you like a custom-made suit. Here’s some of the things we look for when fitting you.

Roll into Prom with Style

A great time is all about being comfortable. Whether it’s how you’re dressed, or the pictures you take, be prepared with the gang at Tip Top. Swing by your nearest location and check out our selection!

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