The Best Prom Colours for Your Style and Personality

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and asked yourself, “What should I wear today?” Now amplify that 10 times for a special event like prom - a once in a lifetime moment to remember your friends and class by.

Once you figure out what it is that you want to put on - “Should I go casual or formal?” - you might be thinking about what colour to be immortalized in.

A deep blue for classic charm? Maybe a soft pink to match your date? Or a bright red to steal all the #prom moments?

Choosing the wrong colour can lead to looking washed out in prom pics, or leaving the wrong impression. Not something to be remembered for at your graduating class reunion in a couple years.

We already know that colours drive emotion. So walk into the night with confidence knowing that your outfit reflects your personality.

Here are our tips and tricks on finding the right shade without having any thrown at you.

Match Your Date

This may be a no-brainer but maybe your date already has your general idea planned out. This side steps all the thinking and wondering.

The next question is: how can I make this colour unique? Find an accessory that will bring some of your personality into the 'fit. Maybe a tie and pocket square that really makes the main colour pop. Or a classic gold tie clip and leather bracelet for a classic twist on the black tux.

Just when your date thought they did all the work, you show up looking even better than they expected.

Match the Prom Theme

If for some reason the prom committee decided to have a Harry Potter meets Billie Eilish themed prom, showing up like this is not the move to look the part. Actually, showing up in a gimmicky suit is 99.99% always the wrong call.

Okay, so the great thing about themes is that you don't have to be dumb-obvious about it. A black suit is always the perfect backdrop for whatever colour you want to emphasize.

Say if the theme is Fire and Ice, you don't need a flaming red suit. Simply a red tie and pocket square can do the trick with some subtle hints like a red rose boutonniere.

Or ditch the tie and wear an unbuttoned ice cold blue Bellissimo shirt with a navy tux.

Now if fitting into a theme doesn't seem up your alley, make like Euphoria, and refuse to fit into the mold. Wear a bolder suit, hinting at the theme with a lapel pin or a pocket square. That way you're playing nice... just not too nice.

Match Your Personality

If you’re starting from scratch, consider the impression that you’re trying to make. Are you a big personality? A bright red jacket and black tuxedo pants will show off your best side.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, try a black tuxedo made with a comfortable modern fit. Like this line from Daniel Hechter Paris.

Blue has always been a colour that signifies reliability and stability. But that depends on the hue. If you want a classic look, go for a midnight blue tux and white shirt - you’ll look like you’re walking the Oscars.

But if you love standing out and showing a bit of risk, electric blue is the attention grabbing tone to tear up the dance floor with. Whether you’re taking a shot for TikTok or posing for the paparazzi, you’ll look amazing.

The Right Prom Colour for You

You might find many colour lists out there saying "Red is aggressive. Pink is soft. Green is safe."

Well, colours are whatever you want them to be. And the good thing about having a place like Tip Top is that you can play around and find the colour that works for you.

Whether you want a classic black tux or an energetic purple, you'll look great at your prom. And our in-house tailors will make sure it fits perfectly for your special day.

Swing by your local Tip Top for the easiest shopping suit shopping experience you've had!

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