Tuxedo Alternatives: How to Un-Tux Your Prom Style

It's prom season. It's tough enough that you had to go through asking your date out, planning the afterparty, and the knee-shaking moment of meeting your date's folks. But you know what will make everything easier? A comfortable prom 'fit.

As much as we love tuxedos around here at Tip Top, nothing beats breaking the rules sometimes. Especially when your style just doesn't pair well with the super-formal look of a tux.

Here's some casual alternatives that will keep you looking sharp for pics and your date.

Not Too Casual: Ditch the Tie

If you still like the idea of a tux but don't want to feel TOO formal or out of your comfort zone, simply ditch the tie and leave a button or two undone. This casual style will keep you cool while the other guys are looking sloppy with half-done ties on the dance floor.

To make your 'fit look even cleaner, go for a flashy jacket like Young Thug. One of our favourite streetwear/formal crossover celebs, he looks dressed up without looking too dressy. Maybe it's the mix-n-match jacket and pants, or the statement jewelry. Or it could do with the fact that it's Thugger...

Like any bold, fashion-forward style, the fit is everything. Make sure that it's fitted by the tailors at Tip Top to ensure that it isn't leaning off your shoulders like a wet towel.


3-Piece Special

As we move down through casual bliss, here's something that you might already have in your closet - the suit. But stepping it up only takes adding a suit vest.

Take Ryan Reynolds, Canada's poster boy of not trying too hard. The man has an ad agency called Maximum Effort to poke fun at the fact that he's genuinely not trying at all... they don't even hire a different voiceover guy - he does all the voices!

Anyways, check out how he casually just has a mismatched denim vest to his suit. Plus, he's not even wearing a tie. This could be you. Or not... he's Deadpool.

For maximum comfort, look for a suit with 2-way stretch like the G Grafton line of suits. Plus they're stain and wrinkle resistant - we like to say “party-proof” - you'll stay fresh all night long.

Vested Interest

Or ditch the jacket and just wear the vest. Rock some coordinated dress pants along with them - mixing and matching this paired down approach will look like you just grabbed whatever you could find.

Since this is a minimalist look, try amping it up with a pattern like a plaid. And please make sure that your shirt fits - the last thing you want is for your shirt to be bunching. It'll remind everyone of the one time your gym teacher decided to wear shorts.

Check out our vest selection here.

Find Your Prom Look at Tip Top

Don't sweat prom. Seriously, the year has been tough enough already. Just relax and enjoy these last moments that you get to spend with your class. Sure, maybe you're trying to make a lasting impression but the best impression is a happy one.

If your outfit is uncomfortable, it'll show in the pictures. So even if all you need is a new tie and shirt (you can get both for $20.23 when you buy a suit in stores), hit up your nearest Tip Top. We'll get you fitted just the way you like!
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