Men's Prom Outfit Inspirations: The Celeb Styles that Inspire Us

Look. We're all stylish guys around here. But when it comes to special moments - like prom - we could all use a couple style inspirations. Which is why we look to celebs to show us what rocks and what doesn’t.

Prom hasn't changed much over the years: celebrating with your graduating class; hanging out; dancing; sneaking off to... we're not here to snitch. Anyways, one of the most important aspects has always been to make an entrance.

Celebrities have the big budget to hire a high-profile stylist, and must of us... don't. Pro stylists cost into the $1000s for a single event, especially something like the Grammys. And seeing how prom is the Grammys of high school, let's take some of their style and infuse it into your outfit. Here are a couple of our favourite looks from some fashionable celebs.

Timothée Chalamet | Bold Inspiration

What can't we say about the 'Don't Look Up' and 'Dune' star? He's always taking bold moves and risks on the red carpet - some of which you can incorporate into your prom 'fit.

Often lauded as one of the best-dressed newcomers in the fashion game, Timothée often pairs boots with flashy suits, like this multicoloured suit from the Critic's Choice Awards. If you're looking for a similar vibe, but a little less avant garde, opt for a slim-fit brighter suit that uses a subtle pattern. Like a check suit.

We recently talked about the power of a good matching vest-pants combo and Timothée absolutely kills it at the premiere of "Little Women". The well-fitting ensemble is a nod to the gangster-days of 1920s Chicago but in an incredibly contemporary look. Try it for yourself in our vest selection.

Pharrell Williams | N*E*R*D Chic

Personally, we don't think Pharrell has a stylist. Whether he's on the streets or the red carpet, he's always the best dressed man in town.

Sure you may know him for his heaven-reaching hat, or singles like "Happy", but he's still wearing the heck out of tailored suits. All the while, still giving it some of that N*E*R*D flair. Like this ultra-traditional tux at the Academy Awards - but the addition of some jewelry makes it all his own.

To make your suit or tux stand out, a statement belt, bracelet, and necklace can change the game. Or even choosing a bright boutonniere that matches your tie will step your outfit up.

Jason Mamoa | Built for Prom

If you're the type of broad-shouldered guy that has a hard time finding the right suit, our in-house tailors should be your best friends. Let's look at Jason Mamoa.

At 6'4 and over 200 lbs, he does not go for skinny suits but rather slim fits that complement his bigger frame. Check out his take on a midnight blue tux - nothing is tugging or pulling, just a comfortable looking suit. Doesn't his smile say it all?

And if you're shy with colour, you don't have to be. Here's a pink velvet number that Mamoa donned for the Oscars. A simple and laidback look while still using colour to make a statement. Plus, if you hate ties, here's all the proof you need to ditch it.

Check out our slim fit suits to help make the impression you're looking for.

A$AP Mob | Group Prom Outfits

It's hard to argue against A$AP Mob being one of the best dressed rap groups of all time. Sure most of us cite Rocky as the prominent fashion icon but, depending on your style, the other members are equally influential. If you're planning on heading to prom with your crew, take some notes from Yamborghini High.

Let's take a look at A$AP Ferg's style. Style is in his genes. His dad was a jewelry designer and eventually designed the logo for P. Diddy's label, Bad Boy. So when it comes to bringing some shine into your style, your search stops here. This canary yellow harrington suit shows that you don't need to shy away from colour, as long as the rest of your fit remains relatively uncomplicated. 

Next up is A$AP Nast. With his long and slim build, he wears suits like they're house clothes. The trusted collaborator of everyone from Converse to Lacoste, you'll find him in trim-suits that complement his wiry frame. But unlike the rest of this list, he's subtle with the colour scheme. This is a great example of fit being far more impactful than any loud colour. Plus, he doesn't want his clothes to steal attention away from his lime green hair.

And finally, Rihanna's man - A$AP Rocky. With no need for introduction, Rocky is well known for taking bold risks, while also using simple, monochromatic outfits for impact - like this all-black getup. Rocky's influence on our modern style can't be understated. He literally takes everything that we mentioned about the previous celebs... and ups the ante. Bold suits? Been worn. Understated black tux? He scares penguins. Avant garde chic? Absolutely.

So what's the takeaway? Wear your outfit with confidence, no matter what it may be.


Finding Your Prom Outfit at Tip Top

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