A Guide to Buying Slim Fit Suits

Remember getting your first suit with mom or dad back in the day? Maybe it was for prom or perhaps it was your first job interviewing & the suit was welcoming you to adulthood.

Whatever the occasion, we hope you’re not still wearing that same suit style (unless your prom happened to be within the last couple years)! It hung off the shoulders and the pants kissed the floor. A timestamp of bygone years.

Suits have changed a lot over time, with various innovations in material and fit.

The most popular trend that looks great on all body types is the slim fit suit.

The Brief History of the Slim Fit Suit

Slim fit suits aren’t a modern phenomena.

Picture this: the year is 1962. You’re in London, England (sorry London, Ontario but you’ll have to wait a bit for your fashion moment). You’re hanging with the musicians of the time - The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles.

Imagine how they’re dressed. More likely than not, they’d have a slim tailored suit, skinny ties, and loafers. Sometimes they’d wear a polo and harrington jacket, but predominantly, they rocked the suit.

It’s hard to believe that at one time, slim fit suits were a sign of rebellion against the boxy and drapey suits that adorned most men at that time.

This was the era of the Mods. This beatnik group of “modernists” were contemporaries that brought together the rude boy culture of Jamaica, the blues of America, and the emerging rock scene of Britain.

Like most things that begin as a subculture, it would rub off onto pop(ular) culture - what we see and hear every day.

This wave of artists continue to impact our music, slang, and the way we dress. Innit fam!

“You don’t find a style. A style finds you.”
- Keith Richards, The Rolling Stones -

Choosing Your Slim Fit Suit

There are a couple things to consider if this is your first slim fitting suit. And to be honest, they’re not too much different than the factors you’d usually consider.

But since this is a more tailored cut, every detail matters more - each stitch and wool fibre will be on display. These suits are all about making an impression!

Tip 1: Measure Yourself

By wearing a suit that is closer cut, it will give a slimming look while emphasizing a more athletic build.

But to create this incredible look, your suit must fit you properly. At our 100+ Tip Top locations across Canada, our trained staff always have a measuring tape on hand.

If you’re shopping online, here is our sizing guide to help measure yourself - Size Guide. This task is best done with a bit of assistance.

The key here is to have it slim, not snug. So if your suit feels like a fancy vice grip, it’s time to size up, or possibly have it slightly altered.

In between sizes? Check out our tailoring services.

Tip 2: Breathable Fabrics

Seeing how we’re not trying to emulate a baggy NBA draft pick suit, you’ll need to choose a breathable material to keep you cool.

The most versatile material is wool. Sheep naturally stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter - you deserve to be the GOAT (*ahem* Greatest Of All Time).

Puns aside, there is a common misconception that wool is itchy and not breathable - that’s not really true.

Cheaper wools do tend to be rougher. But if you find the right blend, typically with cotton or polyester, your suit will maintain those natural qualities.

Sift through our selection of suits and you’ll see a wide range of prices for every budget. A lot of that has to do with the materials used!

Two great summer materials are linen and cotton. They’re comfortable enough to wear in the sweltering Canadian summer.

Maybe don’t run a marathon in your suit, but you can definitely sip some espresso or have a beer on a patio in sweat-free comfort.

Tip 3: Accessories, Please

Since you don’t have to live behind a shroud of material any longer, your accessories are now on full display.

Have an heirloom tie clip passed down from your grandfather? The slim fit suit is one of the best ways to showcase it.

If you’re looking for the right accessories, check out our tie clips, pocket squares and more.

It goes without saying that slim and straight-bottom ties are best paired with this style. A wide tie will overpower your look and eat your shirt up through the jacket opening. Shop Tip Top ties.

When the Suit Matches Your Personality
Slim fit suits are a great addition to any wardrobe. Smart enough to wear at the office but cool & casual enough to have a night out with the boys. You may never take it off!

As always, it’s the man that makes the clothes. Feel free to reach out and see how we can fit into your style.

Outfitting everyone from everyday working Canadians to Mods since 1909, Tip Top Tailors has been helping outfit men with confidence for over 100 years. Feel free to shop online or swing by one of our locations across Canada.

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