Rent or Buy a Prom Suit? | The Affordable Option

Whether you decide to rock a suit or tux to prom, you may be struggling with getting your hands on the perfect piece. Most prom-goers choose one of two routes: Renting and Owning.

If you’re on the fence about which option to choose, here’s your guide to looking your best and saving a couple bucks along the way! Because isn’t that what we all want anyway?

Does Renting for Prom Save Money?

It depends. A rented suit for prom can save money if you plan on only wearing a suit once in your life.

The reason being is that suit rentals cost between $100-200. Buying a suit from Tip Top ranges between $200-500 depending on the designer and style.

Take the stain and wrinkle-resistant suits from G Grafton, for example. Made with a dancefloor-ready 2-way stretch, you’ll be able to stay comfortable all day long. For less than the price of two rentals. You get the pants for free when you buy the jacket, meaning you get both for a cool $250.

So, if you’re planning to attend anything that requires a suit - like a wedding or family party - after your prom, you’ll be saving money.

And while we’re on the topic of saving moolah, if you buy a suit, you can pick up a shirt and tie for $20.22. Here’s some tips on matching your shirt, tie, and suit.

Does a Rented Suit Look Good?

You know that expression, “any man looks good in a suit.” We beg to differ. Take these ill-fitting moments by everyone’s favourite normcore dad, Adam Sandler

You don’t want to look like this. But on the off chance that you do, you can always rent a suit.

Rental suits are not tailored to fit your exact measurements. Rather, they’re meant to fit thousands of guys across Canada. They make suits to fit everyone so they don’t really fit anyone.

So, if you want something that looks like it was made just for you - you’ll have to purchase something tailored.

Plus, rental suits tend to be made of tough, rugged materials to keep up with the constant wear and tear of renters. The result: a suit that’s more stiff and boxy. This means you won’t look as great as you envisioned.

For the best looking and fitting suit, a purchase is the way to go. 2 points - Owning; 0 - Renting.

Isn’t Renting a Suit Convenient?

Sorry, but this is a “No” as well… You may think that we’re biased at this point but who really wants to worry about returning a suit the next day, when you’ve stayed out late. And we’re planning on sleeping in.

Most suit rental companies have 24-48-hour return policies. Later than that, you’re incurring late fees… which could have just gone towards buying a well-fitting suit in the first place.

Why not just hang your suit up in your closet and call it a day? You’ll deserve it after the kind of night you’re going to have.

When’s a Good Time to Rent?

Despite everything we’ve said, there are occasions when renting makes sense. The most obvious is if you want to wear something bright and costume-y. If you want a bright purple suit like LaMelo Ball, or a suit like a disco ball, a rental is perfect for over-the-top impressions.

You might not want to wear something like that regularly - a rental avoids purchase regret.

Another reason is money. Sure, owning a suit pays for itself after 3 wears but if you absolutely only have $200, a rental will work. If you’re open to something more casual, there are tons of options that can work within your budget.

There are also payment plan options like Klarna. Spread out paying off your suit over 6 weeks in 4 equal payments. Why not take some stress off your bank account?

Finding the Perfect Prom Suit for Your Budget

Whether you want to wear a tux, 3-piece suit, or a simple ‘fit, Tip Top has the options to help you look your best for prom - and any afterparty that you’re hitting up.

With over 80 locations across Canada, you’re never too far from us. See what we have in store!

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