7 Style Tips to Match Your Prom Date: a Tip Top Guide

Since the dawn of prom, it's alway been about matching your date. Being coordinated makes for a great entrance - kicking in the door, arms outstretched, and ready to burn up the dancefloor... wait, that's never happened before. That was High School Musical

Anyways, matching your date looks incredible in pictures, especially group shots. And that's really what this is about: making timeless memories with your friends.

So get your phones ready and #prom2023, here are seven simple tips to match your prom date using shade and tone.

#1: Matching Your Prom Date With a Suit or Shirt

This one may seem like a no-brainer but if you can find a matching suit or shirt, no one will be confused that the two of you arrived together. With over 10 colours of suits and over 20 colours of dress shirts, we'll likely have the exact colour to match your date.

Our G Grafton suits and Bellissimo dress shirts also come in modern and slim fits giving you more options for the perfect sizing, all this without breaking the bank. Our tailors will make any final adjustments to make you look like you're an extra on Succession.

#2: Match Using Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

Think of the Raptors jersey. Our personal favourite is the 90s throwback in purple, black, red, white. Those are all examples of contrast. 

These colours complement your date's ‘fit without having to match. So if you're the type of couple that likes bringing out your own individual personalities, contrast is the way to go.

Some of our favourite contrast combos:

  • Pink and Navy
  • Yellow and Blue
  • Teal and Khaki
  • Burgundy and White
  • The classic: Black and White

#3: Match Your Prom Date With Shade (without throwing any)

Like contrast's first cousin, shade is another effective way to complement your date's attire. By choosing a shade slightly different to your date, you’ll still match by colour but the variance makes things a bit more interesting.

Shady pairings:

  • Navy and Teal
  • Indigo and Light Blue
  • Indigo and Dark Purple
  • Burgundy and Pink
  • Khaki and Yellow

#4: Try Some Subtle Hints

If you and your date aren't into being loud about matching, try subtle hints like a pocket square and tie. We have 20+ different colours so this is a pretty easy step - and if you already have a suit, this is a great way to save some moolah.

#5: Match Your Prom Date with a Suit Vest

If you have a suit hanging in your closet, try adding a contrasting suit vest (ie. waist coat). We sell our suits separately so you can mix-and-match for moments like this.

The goal here is to match your date with the vest while contrasting with your own suit - this is like the algebra of suiting, but if you land this look, you'll nail it on prom night!

#6: Printed Prom Date Pairing

Printed dress shirts are a great way to incorporate your date's colours into your wardrobe without having to hunt so heavily for an exact matching suit. Floral prints add a retro vibe to your suit, keeping things fun and easy-going!

Whether you're matching the base colour of the shirt, or the smaller details like flowers or paisley, with your date, you're bringing a unique look to your prom - most suit-wearers tend to stick to plain colours.

#7: Or don't match at all!

If all of this sounds like it's more work than you'd like, it's also okay to just wear what you want. Here are some casual prom outfit ideas.

At the end of the day, prom is all about spending time with your graduating class; peers that you've spent the last four years with. This is your last hurrah and you don’t need to be uncomfortable in something that doesn't feel like you. 

If you still want to dress up, but you can't find anything that matches your personality, swing by one of our 80+ locations. We have something for every style, and our associates are there to help you out!

Find a Tip Top near you

We wish you luck on the next chapter of your journey. High school may feel like lightyears in the past for us, but we still remember it like yesterday. These final moments are going to be great. Savour them, stylishly!

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