Common Tailoring Alterations

You want to dress to impress and you've found a stunning suit. However, something about the fit is just a little bit off. Now you have a dilemma: do you put it back on the rack or do you pay a little extra to get it done just right?
Unfortunately, not everyone can afford their own personal stylist. However, that doesn't mean you can't set yourself apart with your sense of style. One key to looking good is making sure your clothes fit properly. Luckily for you, alterations emphasize that exact element.

Great Reasons to Make Alterations to Your Clothing

Have you ever bought something, tried it on, loved it but thought, “This needs some work”? Perhaps the sleeves are a little long. Maybe you prefer a zip? Is it baggy around your chest area? Maybe you want your pants’ legs to be taken in? All of these can be solved with simple tailoring alterations.
You can easily make a fashion statement of out of an ill-fitting garment by altering it. In fact, with alterations, you can customize your clothing to get the exact fit you want.
Got something that doesn't fit anymore? There's no need to ditch your prized possession. Employing the expert eye of a renowned tailoring service like Tip Top’s can help breathe new life into an old classic.
Be more sustainable. In the world of fast fashion, it's growing increasingly common to discard great clothing. Be more willing to keep what you have. You can hold onto garments by making them work for you.

Common Clothing Alterations

Hemming pants

This is an essential alteration. Designers make pants so that they fall elegantly from the waist to the floor. Pants that are either too long or short can damage your dapper look.
In order to make sure your tailor is clear on your pants’ desired length, use pins to measure it out. Also, be sure to wash and dry your pants a couple of times before getting them altered. This ensures that they don't shrink afterwards.

Tapering trouser legs

Tapering a trouser leg gives its wearer a slimmer silhouette and thus, makes it more flattering. Pants often have a little too much volume around the seams. This alteration goes a long way in terms of making our customers look well-put together. Baggy pants tend to bulge and bunch up – both of which are unsightly and unappealing. Streamline your pants and your look today.

Sleeve shortening

Getting your sleeves cut the right length is another crucial alteration. Nobody wants to look like they've outgrown their clothes – or worse, look like they’re wearing oversized hand-me downs.
Get the fit right and start looking tip top today. Your shirt sleeves should fall about an inch longer than your jacket sleeves when your arms are by your sides.

Get your clothing tailored

If you care about looking good, make sure that your clothing fits you perfectly. Alterations can help you achieve the perfect look. There's always an easier way to make your clothing look like it was made for you.
We are one of Canada's leading formalwear brands, so we know what we're talking about. Contact us today for more information about our expert tailoring services.
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