Make it Through the Holidays in Style

Surviving the holiday season is more than just enduring relatives and scrambling to buy gifts at the last minute. It’s also about weathering the age-old winter problem: the cold weather. Or “sweater weather,” as the kids call it.

Now, you could spend the next month wrapped in seven layers of assorted furs, parkas and radiation blankets approved by NASA’s deep-space missions. But that’s not comfortable or stylish at all. You’re going to need sweaters; the right sweaters with the right amount of style.

Cover that dress shirt

It’s possible that you wear dress shirts to work, by themselves, for eleven months out of the year. The holidays are a good time to shake that up a bit. Think about layering a blue or grey zippered mock sweater with a mahogany zipper lining over that patterned blue or white dress shirt you always wear. It’s not flashy, but just colorfully contrasting enough to make you stand out a bit in the office.

If you think the collared dress shirt and mock necked sweater combo is a bit unwieldy, crewneck might be more your thing. Go for a diamond-patterned crewneck sweater over your dress shirt; it will keep you handsomely warm and keep that shirt collar under wraps all day.

From work to the town

The holidays allow for more after-work socializing than most other times of the year. There’s a great chance you’ll find yourself at a bar with coworkers as the holidays draw nearer, so you’ll need to come to work with some sweater versatility if you want to look good.

That’s where a zippered sweater comes in. Your dress shirt can get some time to shine in meetings, and the lack of a collar means the sweater leaves you looking just as professional if you opt for leaving it on all day. And the comfortable, soft fabric and understated tones lets your sweater game make the transition from workplace to drinks or dinner a smooth one.

Speaking of dinner, why don’t you consider the cardigan? (#ConsiderTheCardigan, trending now on a Twitter near you.) A full-zip, mock neck cardigan tilts a little warmer, a little more detailed in style and will ensure you stand out at a dinner party with friends, coworkers or family over the holidays. If understated is more your thing, then opt for the navy cardigan over a light-colored dress shirt or Henley.

At home by the fire

First, a tip: don’t roast chestnuts over an open fire. Chestnut logs spit over an open fire. You will end up with a separate fire on your carpet a few feet away from the original fire. And don’t start an open fire inside a house, anyway! That’s what chimneys are for.

But in case you do, you’ll need to keep warm. And inside the comfort of your own home, you can probably get away with prioritizing warmth over looking good. But you don’t have to be the guy wearing pajamas and a college pull-over as you unwrap presents. You’ve tried to look good all winter; why stop now?

A heavier button up mock neck sweater might be the answer here; the patterned torso and elbow patches adds some panache to the look while the cotton fabric and looser fit leaves you feeling warm and comfy on the couch. Or just cut right to the softness chase with a cotton & cashmere sweater. Your look can be purple and soft, like clouds at dawn.

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