Non-Suit Casual Wedding Attire for Guests | A Men's Guide

There are a ton of reasons why you may not want to wear a suit to a wedding. The obvious answer is that you hate wearing a suit - which is kind of crazy to us, being a retailer that specializes in suits and all… But, we get it. There are some valid reasons why one might not want to wear one.

Maybe it’s the middle of summer and you’re already spending 80% of your time in shorts. And if you WFH, you may be wearing boxers for most of it.

The thought of putting on additional layers is already making you sweat.

Another reason is that you just don’t want to dish out the cash. If you never wear suits, and you are only going to need one for a single day, we get it.

Whatever the case is, we’re here to help at Tip Top. We’ve been helping men find their perfect fit, suits or otherwise, for over 100 years - we know what we’re talking about.

With that, here are our favourite options when you want to look good without being a sight for sore eyes at your sister’s wedding.

Casual Wedding Bottoms: Dress Pants

Starting with the basics, and something that you may already have, dress pants. A rule that we like to have around here: save money, wear often.

If you separate your pair of dress pants from your suit, you can now use it to build your outfit. But make sure that it’s tailored to fit your body properly. Since you’ve removed your suit jacket, everything will be on display.

Check out our selection of dress pants and we will tailor them in-store to your exact measurements. Or have a pair that you’re not happy with? We can adjust those too.

Non-Suit Casual Wedding Top: Sport Jackets

For something a bit more dressy but without the formality of a full-blown suit, try pairing a sport jacket with slacks. You can repurpose one of your pairs of dress pants like mentioned above, or try something casual and opt for chinos. Just make sure you’re in-line with the dress code.

A lightweight pair of pants, chinos are a versatile alternative to dress pants, and quite often even your denim. If you don't have a pair, do yourself a favour and grab some from our shop.

Back to sport jackets. Originally intended to be worn at private sports clubs while partaking in activity, you’ll get the same great tailored look but with flexibility to move seamlessly from ceremony into the reception.

By wearing a patterned jacket, you can even get away with not wearing a tie.

Non-Suit Casual Wedding Top for the Summer: Vest

Hate wearing jackets all together but don’t want to be under-dressed? Or maybe it's a scalding 30+ degrees outside?

You’re in luck - putting on a matching vest and pants set gives you a casual suit-esque look.

When shopping for the perfect vest, make sure that it doesn’t restrict your movement and it lands at your hips. Longer than that, congratulations you’ve now become a fancy basketball jersey - Toronto Debonair Raptors.

To pull off this look, wear it exactly like you would a suit - tie, matching belt and shoes, simple leather timepiece.

Our favourite thing about vests? You don’t have to try too hard - the back panel is usually made of a contrasting colour or pattern to add even more eye-catching appeal to your ‘fit.

Non-Suit Casual Wedding Accessories

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to show off a new Apple watch strap, bracelet, or ring, this is your chance. Since you have a more casual look, maybe sans tie, your other accessories now have the spotlight.

Try a braided bracelet or leather watch strap that matches with your belt and shoes. If you’re fashion forward, you can even put a simple chain on in place of your tie.

The options are endless, so have some fun - you’re not trapped in a super formal dress code.

Bonus Entry: Suspenders

You know how we mentioned that everything will be on display earlier? If you’ve ever wanted to play around with suspenders, this would be the time to do it.

Suspenders have been helping men cover their ass (quite literally) since the 1700s. With an air of casualness and rebelliousness, suspenders were most notably worn by the great interviewer Larry King (RIP).

Suspenders, or Bracers, are great for not only keeping your pants on but also adding some extra colour to your outfit.

Alternative Wedding Outfits

When you wake up the next morning, aside from a bit of a headache courtesy of the open bar, you should be happy with the way you looked and felt.

Those pictures are immortalized forever. And you’ll never hear the end of it if you show up under-or-over-dressed. Part of making great memories is having charisma and confidence, and you don’t want your outfit to hold you back.

If you need some help shopping for your next wedding outfit, head to Tip Top where our staff are happy to help make your next wedding invitation a memorable one.

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