Summer Wedding Attire for Grooms | Do's & Don'ts

Who doesn't love the summer time! Especially when it comes to weddings, it's the hottest season to tie the knot - literally and figuratively, summer is the second most popular season for weddings.

While you await going down the aisle and asking the other big question, here's something to ask yourself, "What am I going to wear?" Dually noted if you're kitting out your best men as well. You have to make sure you look good, but you also don’t want to overheat.

The simple answer is wear less to prevent dripping in sweat. But we understand there may be certain reservations, especially since the classic mental image of a wedding includes heavy, dark tuxedos. Good thing for you, weddings have changed a ton over the years; you can look great and air out at the same time.

Here's a couple tips to staying cool on your big day, even with the sun beaming!

Do Select a Comfortable Wedding Dress Code

One of the simplest ways to ease a lot of stress is to select a dress code that works for you. A casual dress code gives you the wiggle room to not wear a tie, or mix-n-match a light sport coat or vest. Here's our guide to wedding attire.

Don't be afraid to go tieless

This is your wedding. If you want to do something a bit more casual, don't hesitate to remove the tie all together. Just make sure that the rest of your outfit is tailored to perfection and that you wear other accessories to accent your look - you'll thank us when you see the pictures.

Do wear bright summer colours / floral prints

Summer love is brighter, warmer, and shining! And having the attire to match makes for incredible pictures! Don't hesitate to incorporate some pastels into your wedding attire, like our G Grafton suits in summer-ready colours like lavender, light blue, pink, or sage. When paired up with a breathable floral shirt, you'll be singing Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

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Don't wear your heaviest suit

There's a difference between your wool winter suit and a wool summer suit. Winter/fall suits are woven to be thicker and tougher to block out wind and keep you warm. The summer variations are woven lighter and often blended with polyester to help with breathability and flexibility. Michael Kors Slim Fit Stretch Suit is a great wool-blend option.

Do wear a patterned suit

Patterned suits are a great nod to old-school bespoke style with modern tailoring. Most men opt for solid colours, so choosing a patterned suit - like a check or stripe - will help you create a memorable outfit. Jermyn & Bond's slim fit suits are the ultimate in dapper style with peak lapels and contrasting buttons for a gentlemanly look.

Don't forget the accessories

Whether you decide to wear a tie or not, definitely wear accessories. Whether that's jewelry, a pocket square, sunglasses (if it's outdoors), flashy socks, or a watch, these little touches are going to make the difference between a flat straightforward outfit or one that pops with details. If you decide to not wear a tie, a pocket square or lapel pin is necessary to add character and a touch of texture to your fit. Shop accessories.

Do Mix-n-Match

Like we mentioned, if you're making for a more casual affair, try mixing and matching a sport jacket and pair of dress pants. This relaxed look gives you the flexibility to find a lightweight jacket while creating a unique look. Give Daniel Hechter Paris' Modern Fit Sport Jacket a try - it was made for the summer weather with half lining, unstructured shoulders, and a sweat shield. Pair it with G Grafton dress pants to complete the look.

Pro Tip: Just Wear a Vest
If you're really concerned about the heat, just wear a vest instead of a suit jacket.

Shop Vests

Do wear a breathable undershirt

This might seem like a no-brainer but this critical step is the difference between sweating through your suit or comfortably knowing your undershirt is keeping you sweat-free. By wicking away moisture from your body, you'll be cool and comfy. Plus, if you need to refresh between the ceremony and the reception, you just need to change your undershirt!

Our top t-shirt pick is from Projek Raw, made with their Cool Touch cotton. If you're on the market for a tank top, look no further than the classic Calvin Klein.

Don't Overcomplicate your footwear

Summertime is all about effortless style and being calm, cool, collected. Your shoes should be a reflection of this like a clean simple pair of derbies or loafers. Since your suit and dress shirt are going to bring the summertime freshness, keeping the shoes subtle compliments your whole look. Opt for a brown leather or suede.

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We're wishing you and your partner a wonderful wedding! If you have any questions come by one of our 80 locations, we'll help get you and your whole wedding party suited up for the sunshine. And don't forget to tag us on the big day!
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