Prom Suits 2023 Checklist | How to Pick the Perfect Suit

Finding the right suit for your prom can feel downright hard. You have to make an impression, feel comfortable, match your date, and stick within your budget. 

Don’t worry graduating class of 2023 (and some of you sneaking in), Tip Top’s got your back… and shoulders… and waist… Heck, we’re keeping everything tailored to make sure that you have the best looking, and feeling night of your life.

When it comes to finding the right suit, here are four tips to keep you on your A-game, from the dancefloor to IG (don’t forget to tag us at @tiptop and use #tiptopprom)

Suits 101: Fit, Fit, Fit

Tl;dr: To look your best, get your suit tailored.

When it comes to suits, it’s all about the fit. No matter what vibe you’re trying to match (more on that later), if the fit ain’t fittin’ then your look is quittin’. 

Make sure that your suit is tailored to fit YOU and no one else. This is why buying a suit is far superior to renting. And at Tip Top, it’s potentially more affordable to own a suit than having to return your rental the next day (or else you’ll have to pay for late fees 🤬)

When it comes to making sure your suit is right for you, head into your local Tip Top and figure out if you slide more comfortably into a Modern or Slim Fit suit. Plus, we have various lengths to match your height.

All our suits are sold as separates, which means you can mix and match sizes to get the best fit. With inclusive sizing, we’ve become the one-stop shop for all event dressing needs.

Looking for Gender-Neutral Prom Styles? Say Less, We Got You!

Time for a (Prom) Vibe Check: Theme

What’s the vibe you and your date are trying to capture? 

Something classic? Something flashy? Something bold? 

A quick vibe check will help you take into account your own personality and the theme of the night. This can steer you in the right style direction: classy themes require a tux, whimsical themes need vibrant jewel tones.

To keep things simple, check out our guide to matching your prom theme.

Poppin’ Some Colour

When it comes to deciding your colour palette, here’s a life lesson: talk to your date about it first. If they already have an idea of what to wear, perfect for you - you don’t have to waste brain cells thinking about it.

If you don’t have a date, then look at what colours you typically wear and see how you can elevate it. You already wear it all the time, so you already know you like the way you look in that colour. At Tip Top, we have over 20 colours of suits, from soft light blues to punchy burgundies. 

If you’re not into bright colours, try a textured suit like this plaid 3-piece joint from Jermyn & Bond to add a bit of character to your ‘fit.

Pair it with a slick dress shirt and tie combo for only $20.23 (with the purchase of a suit, in-store only). 

Finish Your Prom Look: Accessories & Dress Shirt

Finding the right accessories is all about contrast. These colours make your suit standout by complementing it with the right finishing touches. Classic examples are black and white, blue and pink, green and red.

Use these contrasting colours by adding them to your look with accessories like ties, pocket squares, and socks. The simple use of contrast is what makes Tyler, the Creator standout 99.9% of the time - the rest of the time it’s the sheer weight of his hats. 

Dress shirts can also be another great way to add contrast - especially if you weren’t planning on wearing a tie to begin with. Aptly called “The Air Tie”, your shirt is working double duty - make sure it’s bold or features a flashy print, like a floral print from Daniel Hechter Paris, or the impeccably tailored Bellissimo dress shirts.

Finding Your Prom Style

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit, it’s always important that you feel comfortable and make your own personal style shine through.

So whether you’re on the look for something casual or traditional, head over to your local Tip Top. We can help figure out your outfit ideas and make you look your best for all your #prom2023 pics.

With over 80 locations nationwide, there’s a store near you!
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