Prom Colours 101: Mixin' & Matchin' Your Suit and Dress Shirt

Cue the slow jams. Hold up the sign. It reads, "Will You Goku Prom With Me?" Unlike this person, you have ultra-instinct, they obviously said yes to you.

The next step: figuring out what to wear. But you don't want to look like a penguin with a black tux and white shirt. 🐧 Nothing against this look, it's just played out. So if you’re hunting for something different, Tip Top’s here for you.

Here's an easy and affordable way to make any prom 'fit pop. What we're talking about is contrast - the principle of using an accent colour to catch eyes and cameras. It's such a tried and true technique that Tyler, The Creator does it all the time.

But what's contrast? And why does it matter to prom? Contrast is a pop of colour that complements your main pieces, ie. how your dress shirt looks against your suit. A great example is the white lettering on the back of the Raptors' red away jersey. It helps us read the player's name by grabbing our attention. You want the same energy of sinking a game winning three-pointer, but on prom night.

Contrast is also a great way to save money since it can be as simple as adding a new element to your suit. Here are our top five drip tips to use contrast for your prom ‘fit.

More Than Black & White: Prom Tuxedo Colours

Sure everyone knows the black and white tux but did you know that tuxedo jackets come in different colours? Try a navy or deep purple jacket with black satin peak lapel. Check out ATLANTA's Donald Glover killing it at LACMA 2019.

This is an easy way to add some suave to your 'fit. If you already have a pair of tailored black dress pants, all you need is the jacket to elevate your whole look.

Peek-a-Boo: Suit Vest

A great way to add in a touch of colour is with a mismatched suit vest - often called a broken three-piece suit (aka spezzato 🤌).

This look is especially effective with a solid neutral-colour suit, like grey, navy, or khaki. Then hit everyone with an unexpected pop of colour with a mismatched bold vest - extra sophistication points if you choose a textured pattern, like these from G Grafton. A vest is also a subtle way to match your prom date.

Here's Ryan Reynolds rocking a killer mix-n-match suit vest look (picture 6).

Full Mix & Match Commitment: Sport Jacket

If you're into mixin' and matchin' your whole look, try out a sport jacket. Made to be worn with a different coloured pair of pants, keep the rest of your outfit simple, since most sport jackets tend to be patterned. A solid, comfortable shirt from Bellissimo fits the bill just right and get a tailored pair of dress pants.

Bonus points: Try something classic like a herringbone or plaid check. This adds a touch of classiness without the stuffiness.

Turn Up The Colours: Bold Dress Shirts

Or you can keep your suit subtle in grey or khaki - then turn up the appeal with a bold dress shirt. Bellissimo makes over 20 different colours so you'll find the right shade to set the tone - plus, this is an easy way to match your prom date!

Product Detail: Our Bellissimo dress shirts are made with the same detail as our suits. Made from a stretch cotton, it's unrestrictive and breathable.

Little Things, Big Impact: Prom Accessories

Time to add a finishing touch - a small detail to make a big impact. Try a matching tie and pocket square to take your prom look to the next level. And it's a great addition that doesn't break the bank to achieve. This is a great alternative use of contrast if you want to wear a subtle suit and dress shirt.

(Re)Mix Prom '23 at Tip Top

While you're wrapping up finals, planning your afterparty, and sorting out your crew for the pre-party, just know that getting your prom look together is the easy part. With styles to match any vision, swing by your local Tip Top and find the right look for you.

Our staff have been around the block a couple times, we've been helping grads find the perfect outfit since 1909. Come and see how we can help you!

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