Tip Top’s Guide to Fall Suit Shopping

When seasons change, it’s time to switch up your suits. Sure, you may want to match the changing leaves but, more importantly, a new suit is going to keep you comfortable amidst the unpredictable weather.

You know those cold mornings, hot afternoons, and frigid evenings we sometimes get in fall? Being equipped with the right suit will keep you cool and warm all at the same time. So whether you need a suit to head to the office or for your best friend’s wedding, here are three factors to look for in a fall suit.

Fall Suit Materials

When it comes to fall attire, materials are going to be the first thing you’ll want to switch up. Whether you decide to opt for a weather-resistant wool suit from DKNY, or a robust party-proof polyester-blend from G Grafton, there are options to keep you protected from the elements.

Wool is a natural choice for many sartorial men. It’s a classic material that dates back centuries with its water and wind resistance, and unbeatable breathability and insulation qualities. Plus, it’s fire-retardant. The only thing to be mindful of is that wool is expensive. The labour needed to bring your wool to the loom is a long (but beautiful) task. Considering its durability, grabbing a fall suit in wool is well worth the investment.

Polyester on the other hand has been a cost-effective choice since the ‘30s, with the uncanny ability to replicate nature’s best materials. When crimped and woven into a thick pattern, similar to wool, it has many of the same properties as our favourite sheep fluff. That’s why you can find polyester in thick, robust suits in tightly woven patterns like twill and plaid.

Speaking of twill and plaid, these Scotsman classics are perfect for cooler weather. With their tighter weave and robust pattern, you’ll withstand life’s unpredictability.

Fall Suit Colours

When it comes to the fall, think of deep tones to really bring out the best of the season. Bold burgundy, burnt orange, immersive greens, and navy all help you sink into the autumn mood.

Not only does it complement the natural colours all around you, but it also matches the coolness of the weather. If you’re not into wearing a bold suit, try adding one of these colours as a tie, pocket square, or dress shirt.

New fall favourite dress shirts from Bellissimo are available in both slim fit and modern fit, they fulfill all your seasonal colour needs.

Fall Suit Styles

When it comes to fall suit styles, there are more options than you have closet space for. Aside from the plethora of materials and colours, there are also cuts and details.

Take G Grafton’s slim-fit peak lapel suit. With an undeniable poshness and prestige, you’ll impress when you want to turn heads. Also available as a 3-piece suit (jacket, vest, pants) this offers you extra layers for insulation and gives you the flexibility to take off or put on layers as temperatures fluctuate.

We don’t typically see peak lapels, unless it’s a tuxedo jacket. It’s great to see it making a comeback this fall - bold collars for bold colours.

Fall also gives you the allowance to wear something a bit more relaxed, without looking sloppy. Like G Grafton’s slim-fit knit suit. With its unstructured construction, the robust materials still give it shape. This type of casual suit is perfect for all types of shirting - dress shirt, t-shirt, or thin knit sweater.

Keep Yourself Covered with a Coat

If you need a bit more coverage, try a coat on. During the later stages of fall, a wool topcoat will help you cut through the wind chill.

If it’s not too cold but there’s rain and wind, try a weather-proof mack jacket. Either made from treated cotton or polyester, this thigh-length coat gives you the coverage you need.

Finding the Right Fall Suit at Tip Top

Just like everything else in your wardrobe, finding the right suit for you is a unique experience.

Do you prefer having a suit with a bit more stretch?

Maybe a touch thicker material?

Do you want to try on a 3-piece but you're unsure if you’ll like wearing that much material?

Or maybe you want your pants cropped higher for boots?

Whatever the case is, the best way to find what works best for you is to swing by your nearest Tip Top location. Come check out what we have in-store!

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