What to Get Dad for Fathers Day

Yep, you just got done with Mother’s Day and we’re already on to celebrating your dad just weeks later. You would think the calendar people would spread these holidays out a bit more, but alas.
The good news is there’s one thing you know your dad probably needs besides new dad jokes: some suit upgrades. With a few father’s day gift ideas executed well, your father could head back to work next week and show off what good taste his son has in fashion.

A Suit

If gift cards are your go-to option for dad, then you should rethink your strategy and consider a suit. It may not be a traditional gift, but it is thoughtful. The best gifts are those that can be used a lot, and no doubt a suit falls in that category. Especially if your dad wears some regularly and desperately needs a fresh look.
Here’s a great thing about a suit gift: it’s a two-pronged attack of giving. He’ll get a new suit AND an afternoon spent with you trying one on. Yes, if you get a suit for him it’s best if he’s there to try it on himself. But father-son bonding times don’t come quite like this, so take advantage and have some fun.

A dress shirt

Less expensive than a suit without the dressing room requirements but just as thoughtful. No doubt you’re as tired of seeing your dad wear the same old dress shirts for a decade as he is of wearing them. There’s a reason why he always gets a new shirt from your mom or grandparents every Christmas. Now it’s your turn to be the thoughtfully practical family member!
And since it’s a gift, feel free to give him something that pops a little with different colors or patterns than he usually wears to work. You can keep the receipt for him if he doesn’t like it. At least you tried!

Ties and More

Want that pop to be more complimentary than the mainstay of his outfit? Ties are a great way to do that. Figure out what’s in his rotation already and which pattern or color could fill a closet gap desperately needing to be filled.
Is his closet already full of ties? Accessorize, then. Freshen up his collection of tie clips or cufflinks. Or, better yet, get your dad a matching set. It’s the little things that remind him of you anyway. Lean into it, kid.
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