What Winter Jackets Are in Style?

Some men might mistakenly think men's winter fashion is limiting. It may feel like there are few choices out there, but that's simply not true. Winter can be just as a stylish time for men as summer. The critical piece of winter style starts with the winter jacket. This is a staple closet piece, so it should be an investment. The right winter jacket will last for several years. To make the decision easy, we've outlined the six best winter jackets for men that are in style right now.


Turn on any winter movie, and you see people walking around in parkas. While previously a clunky, oversized piece of outerwear, modern parkas can be quite stylish. A parka's main intention is to protect against the cold. This jacket type is ideal for people living in frigid climates or people that love to participate in winter sports. A great parka will be water-repellent and windproof, allowing people to withstand temperatures below zero.

Consider choosing a parka with a removable hood for more flexibility in your look. And, avoid the bulky look with a slimmer fitting parka that follows the wearer's natural body shape.

Men's Topcoat

A topcoat is a light overcoat. It's stylish, lightweight, and typically cuts off above the knee. As a topcoat isn't heavy on its own, it's the perfect final layer to a look. It's also generally an item that is trim fit, so it doesn't look bulky on top of other layers. Topcoats are frequently worn with dress pants and in place of a suit jacket. Invest in a wool topcoat to make this light jacket still feel warm in cold weather.

Leather Jacket

For those who are living in warmer climates without cold winters, a leather jacket can be a perfect winter coat. A leather jacket, also known as a moto jacket, is ideal for a casual look. Style a leather jacket with jeans and boots.

Interestingly, the leather jacket doesn't necessarily need to be real leather. Consider purchasing a 100% polyester faux-leather jacket for the same fashionable look at a fraction of the cost.


For some, rain is more of a concern during the winter months than snow. The right raincoat can make any man feel put together and classy in any downpour. Always choose truly water-resistant raincoats, as some products will call themselves "raincoats" for more the style than the purpose.


The bomber jacket, also known as the flight jacket, was originally made for pilots. This casual and light jacket is reminiscent of the letterman jackets worn by every high school football team. Today's bomber jackets are hip-length and have a zipper up the front. It's essential to choose a bomber jacket that ends precisely at the hip. When the bomber jacket is too short or too long, it can look sloppy and disordered.

Bomber jackets are a statement piece and look great in fun colours such as red or green. This jacket is perfect for the weekends and casual outings. It's a winter jacket for people who don't have to experience harsh winters.

Technical Jacket

The technical jacket, or multipurpose jacket, is for the man all about practicality. This jacket is typically windshield protected, waterproof and often convertible (as a 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 jacket). Men use their technical jackets for hiking trips, camping, and outdoor activities. The perfect technical jacket will have stretch for mobility, be comfortable and warm, and include an abundance of pockets.

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