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Whether your personal style is ultra-discriminating or more laissez-faire, high-quality dress shirts rank among the most versatile items in any man’s closet. These wardrobe essentials are surprisingly affordable and easy to find when you know where to look. Quality, fit, fabric and design are the keys to differentiating the best from the rest. Get the best men’s designer dress shirts online—for the best price—with these three tips.

Find Your Fit

What matters to you most? When navigating, different fit types remember that confidence and comfortability is the ultimate goal. Let’s start from the top: As a general rule, if you have a long or oval face, steer towards a deep cutaway or spread collar. Conversely, rounder faces are flattered by classic point collars.
Stylewise, consider a modern fit as your go-to for a more tapered sleeve and smoother fit across the back, eliminating unnecessary bulk and unflattering bunching underneath suits. For a narrower waist and smaller armholes, try a slim fit dress shirt.
Either way, stay wrinkle free all day by choosing high-quality dress shirts with a non-iron finish. The fabric travels easily between time zones or an average day—from the office to meetings to happy hour—without missing a step.

Explore Your Options

A crisp, white button-down layers well, and is a sophisticated accompaniment to almost anything you’re wearing, which makes the case for having a few of them in different styles, price points and fits in your closet. This holiday season high-quality white dress shirts are perfect when a more formal dress is required, or equally so casually partnered under a car coat and sweater with jeans or corduroys.

You should also blend current trends for an instant update with minimal investment. Incorporating dress shirts in bold colours, patterns and prints definitely elevate the cool factor, making tie-less style anything but basic. Try a black sateen dress shirt from Bellissimo underneath a suit, or with a moto jacket and slim pants, for an off-the-clock look that can be dressed up or down.

Simply looking for a fresh take on conservative style? Tonal patterns and stitching add some fun to traditional suit attire. Find sophisticated checkered and patterned designs by Grafton 1853, or the herringbone weave in Daniel Hechter’s neat dress shirt is just that.

Count on Quality

From collar to cuff, look for hallmarks of good design and attention to detail. For example, high quality dress shirts with any kind of pattern, stripe or print should “match up” at the front placket, sleeve and shoulder. Also, make sure the single stitching is even and consistent, and expect buttonholes with a shank, they create a little extra space to help avoid gaps or pleating.
Lastly, when you find your fit preferences, don’t forget to subscribe, and receive exclusive offers and new markdowns on your favorite brands to make buying men’s designer dress shirts online a cinch.
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