Groomsmen Attire: a stress-free guide to outfitting your wedding party

It’s tough enough selecting your groomsmen, and explaining to your extended third-cousin Vinnie why you couldn’t include him, but now it’s time to figure out what everyone is going to wear.

They can’t outshine you, but they have to complement your tux or suit. Your hand-selected, rag-tag group of guys are going to be in a lot of pictures. They’ll only be second to the bride and you.

Making sure that they look great and feel great is important. But don’t worry - we’re here to help.

You’ve already spent the last couple of months, or maybe years, planning your wedding; the team at Tip Top will take some weight off your shoulders. Let’s get you and the boys suited up!

“When you’re in jail, a good friend will try and bail you out.
A best friend will be in the cell next to you, saying ‘Damn, that was fun.’”
- Groucho Marx, comedian -

Be Price Conscious

Whether you decide to purchase everything for your group of gents, or cover it in part, make sure that you are considerate of everyone’s budget.

Some of your groomsmen will be more price-sensitive than others. That may be due to personal finances, or they may not see the value in owning a suit. Whatever the reason is, be sure to establish this within your wedding budget, and be upfront with your guys.

If you want an affordable suit selection that will fit into most budgets, give our selection a shot. Our suits typically range between $200-500, but we offer special package pricing for wedding parties - deck your party out for as low as $179 each! Not only will everyone have a suit fitted and tailored for your big day, but now they can impress wherever they go afterwards.

Coordinate with Your Groomsmen but Don’t Match

Consider your groomsmen a beacon of light pointing towards you and your bride. A group of guys with colours that complement your outfit - not match it.

If you and the gang all match, you won’t stand out. Here’s how you can test this: have everyone line up. If no one can tell who’s the groom, please re-evaluate your attire selection.

A classic combination is dressing the groomsmen in all-black suits, while the groom is in a white tux jacket and black pants - a classic white-tie outfit. The groom stands out in the fancier attire, but all the colours are of the same palette.

If you’d like to add a dash of colour, consider giving your groomsmen lighter tones while you don a darker suit. That way you’ll stand out more in pictures.

If you’re looking to have a casual wedding, consider dressing your groomsmen in vests and a crisp tailored dress shirt. This can help save on costs as well.

Unify the Wedding Team

Though we mentioned to beware of matching, you still want to visually unify the groom and groomsmen. Maybe you want to match the groomsmen’s ties with your suit.

You could also have matching boutonnieres or pocket squares. This level of unity shows the importance of your hand-selected group of men.

Life wouldn’t be the same without them. Showing off your appreciation is an important aspect of your wedding day.

Most people are fleeting in our everyday lives, why not appreciate those that made a personal splash in yours. As William Shakespeare said, “Words are easy, like the wind. Faithful friends are hard to find.”

Be Aware of Footwear

...and beware of beat up, uncoordinated kicks. Shoes that are scuffed and all-around dogged will attract unwanted attention, especially when the rest of the groomsmen are dressed to the tens.

That’s what contrast does. It draws eyes towards the things that are different - even if it doesn’t belong. Make sure there aren’t any awkward moments and have everyone wear the same coloured shoes - cleaned and polished too.

If it’s in the budget, treat everyone to a new pair of affordable dress shoes.

Groomsmen Attire at Tip Top

You’ve stressed out enough getting ready for today, and we’re sure that your groomsmen just want to help. They’ve been there for all of your successes in life, why wouldn’t they want to make this day as seamless as possible.

It’s time to round up the boys and bring them to Tip Top where everyone looks great, even though you’re all truthfully playing second fiddle to your beautiful bride.

Since 1909, Tip Top has been helping Canadian men look and feel confident. Feel free to shop online or come by one of our 80+ locations across Canada.

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