How Should Your Dress Shirt Fit?

Whether it's with a suit or on its own, most men wear a dress shirt several times throughout the year. It's a staple that needs to be in any man's wardrobe and is a great choice for many occasions. A well-fitted shirt always emphasizes the best parts of the wearer's physique. A poorly fitted dress shirt, however, can make an entire outfit look sloppy and disheveled. In this article, we've covered all the tips and tricks you need to choose the right dress shirt for your body. From the collar to cuff and the shirt length, you'll be surprised how much you should consider when choosing a shirt.


When selecting a dress shirt, start by examining the collar. A collar that is too loose will make you look like you’re playing dress-up in a hand-me-down. In contrast, if a collar’s too tight, it can cause unsightly creases and discomfort. Ideally, you're looking for a collar that allows enough room to slide two fingers in when it’s closed.
Next, take a look at the length of the collar points. The collar points are the folded portion of your collar that line up against your collarbone. You can quickly test out the collar points by throwing a suit jacket on top of the shirt. The bottom ends of the collar points should be slightly covered by your jacket, making the suit look seamless and well put-together.
Also, consider your face’s shape when choosing the collar's style. A narrow face works best with spread collars, while pointed collars compliment a round face.


Every dress shirt comes with a shoulder line, and this line should match up perfectly with your own shoulders. Shoulder lines that go past your shoulders simply look ill-fitting and droopy. On the other hand, shirt shoulders that are too narrow will bunch up the front of your shirt. The correct shoulder seam should meet at the corner of its wearer's shoulder.


For big and tall men, how your shirt fits your torso is critical. The shirt should be tight enough that your body is snug, but also achieves a tapered waist. Don't assume that an ill-fitting shirt can be hidden underneath top layers. A men's dress shirt is the base of an outfit, and it always stands out – even more so when it’s clearly the wrong size. Make sure that you have your precise measurements. This ensures that your shirt choices can accommodate your body type. Avoid shirts that are skintight. If the buttons feel like they're going to pop, you know something’s off. Also, avoid a dress shirt that is too large and has enough space to hide items other than a bank card in it. A good rule for your dress shirts is that no more than 3-4 inches of fabric can be pulled from your torso.


There are two common types of cuffs on men's dress shirts: the French cuff and the regular one. It's important to know what kind of cuff you desire because French cuffs are meant to fit slightly looser around the wrist. These cuffs usually come with two buttons, so the wearer has some room for customization. Still, it's crucial to make sure the cuffs fit before purchasing the dress shirt. Ideally, the sleeves should not billow or be tight enough to restrict movement. Choose a cuff that can line up with your wrist – and not your palm.


Avoid wearing the wrong length dress shirt. The result usually looks like your shirt shrunk in the wash or you borrowed a shirt from a larger friend. When a dress shirt is tucked in, regular movement should cause the shirt to become untucked. If wearing the shirt untucked, regular motions should not reveal your undershirt. Ideally, your untucked dress shirt should never be longer than the bottom of the zipper on your pants.

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If you can keep these tips in mind when choosing a dress shirt, we guarantee you'll find the perfect fit. If you're investing all this time into finding the right fit, keep the quality of the shirt in mind as well. A shirt fitting well can't make up for poor quality. Choose a retailer with a reputation for excellence.
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